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Warning, spoilers ahead. After a two weeks hiatus, we’re back with Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD: T.R.A.C.K.S.

This is not the one with Jaimie Alexander. Yeap, that’s still on the works. Still, you might want to check out this one. Here’s the setup. Ian Quinn, our remaining recurring villain (since we haven’t put a face to the Clairvoyant yet),  has obtained this mystery device for $10 million bucks from Cybertek. No, it’s not an iPhone.

Instead of relying on Amazon to deliver his purchase, Quinn is having the object transferred on a train across Italy. This better be a trap, because otherwise there’s no reason in hell this would happen. Relax, it is.

The director went with a bit of a storytelling movie trick. You tell the same part of the story from the points of view of each character involved, gradually revealing the story is not what you expected it to be. It has to be done right or it’s just a parlor trick. I think for the most part it succeeds. We get to see the team losing communications with Coulson and Ward ending up having to exit the train hastily and dodging a grenade that seems to make the train disappear.

We have to make it to May’s story to learn the truth, but I must agree I was amused. I did guess that the abandoned truck had been hotwired by May already, but I didn’t see the time lapse happening. Once May, Coulson and Ward reunite, we’re left with finding the others. Emma Simmons is easily found, but as it turns out Leo Fitz and Skye have gone after Quinn.

I’m not sure what Skye is thinking when she leaves Fitz to disable cars and decides to barge in alone. As she sneaks downstairs to catch a peek at the device, she’s distracted by an even more interesting find: Mike Peterson. As she gets caught, the device is finally revealed. It’s a compact cylinder that once attached to Mike Peterson, it becomes a cybernetic leg.

Quinn tests Mike’s loyalty to the Clairvoyant trying to get him to kill Skye, but Mike’s orders are actually to kill Ian’s security detail for alerting SHIELD to their activities. Quinn decides to shoot Skye himself. SHIELD arrives on scene to find Skye close to death. Using the hyperbaric chamber that was occupied by Mike, the team manages to stabilize Skye for transportation.

There’s a few moments in this week’s show that already setup dilemmas to follow. Ward seems at odds with Coulson. Skye is a 804 and has been shot. And finally, Mike Peterson wants to see his son but as he is turned down, we get a zoom in on his robotic leg by Cybertek. Mike is Project Deathlok.

Highs: Great start. Re-telling the same time period was amusing at first, specially with Coulson and Ward’s time lapse. I did like May going Black Widow on her captors and her appearance at the plane was really well timed. “Wheels up in 5”. Skye on critical condition might mean we get to know more about her 804 status. Also, Stan Lee makes a milestone cameo appearance!

Lows: Emma Simmons being used as a comedy relief at awkward times. Skye and Fitz should have enough sense to wait for the team. Ward making something out of nothing just to create drama with Coulson. The Clairvoyant is getting mentioned every other sentence and it’s getting tiring.

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