(Source: DC)
(Source: DC)

Warning, spoilers ahead.

No rest for the wicked on Red Hood and the Outlaws #28. I’ve kind of missed the whole fun aspect of this comic and we seem to get a little bit of it back on this issue. The gang is up for a little fun and that means partying it up in some luxury island resort.

Jason tries to make it up to Isabel, his date from a few issues back that he ended taking up to outer space and was drugged by the Joker. That’s a good thing he still remembers her and she’s not just a fling. Still, they’re not subtle on the fan service with Isabel’s dress. At least Starfire’s uniform has a couple of more straps now.

Jason seems to be able to summon the swords he gained from the last adventure at will, but I really prefer he goes back to his guns. The enemy, Midas, might just have appeared for this episode but it would be a fun thing to do if they keep running into him by mistake.

Recommended with reservations. It is just a transition episode, but all and all I’m glad to see them having fun again and the amnesia thing is over.

(Source: Marvel)
(Source: Marvel)

On to Uncanny X-Men #17 except the students are on their own.

Magik transports the students to Montana. Not the regular Montana, but a part of it that has been altered into a future dimension. The result is that the team has to fight monsters and aliens. Fabio aka Goldballs fares surprisingly well as do Ava, who manages to save the Stepford Cuckoos from a mental attack.

David aka Hijack, reveals he has a cellphone, which he uses to find out where they are. That brings SHIELD to the scene, something his fellow students – and his teacher, Cyclops – warned him would happen.  Fortunately, he’s able to take over the high tech armor of the soldiers. During that standstill, they’re transported back to the Secret New Xavier School of Crazy Learning By Almost Getting You Killed. Ok, I might have embellished that name a bit.

I really hope Cyclops reconsiders and Hijack comes back to the team. I liked that power set. Yes, he made a huge tactical error. Errors are part of learning. And you can bet that SHIELD is going to track him down.


(Source: Marvel)
(Source: Marvel)

I’m loving Volume 4 of the X-Men, although I really think they should just have named it X-Women. In X-Men Vol. 4 #11, The Sisterhood might have gone with crazy powerful releasing Arkea but apparently she’s going for broke and sends Enchantress to resurrect Selene with a black arts spell. Yeap, Necrosha’s Selene.

Meanwhile, Storm, Rachel and Karima reunite with Monet and Psylocke aboard Ana Cortez’ yatch. They do a little brainstorming and conclude that someone is bringing back to life dead mutants. At the same time, Selene meets Arkea. It takes a moment for her to probe the alien virus to recognize her as mistress. Arkea reveals to Lady Deathstrike/Ana that John Sublime is alive. She also reveals she needs “overwhelming superiority”. As Arkea is about to reveal to the Sisterhood who else she has in mind, we cut back to the X-Woman on board the Dove to hear the name of Madelyne Pryor from the lips of Sabra. She reveals to them that both of Selene and Madelyne’s genetic material were purchased by the same anonymous vendor.

Recommended. There’s a cliffhanger at the end with Ana Cortez taking control from Yuriko. It might be a big thing or it might be nothing, but it surely means Ana is not happy to be part of the Sisterhood.

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(Source: Image)

And finally, I decided to try a new series and picked up Ghosted from Image. The last issue is Ghosted #7.

Combining criminals and ghosts has been done before. But this is not Scooby-Doo nor Casper. These are really bad criminals that kill people and these are really evil ghost that possess, behead and dismember people.

Jackson Winters is a criminal rotting in prison that witnessed his last crew getting murdered in events that are not completely clear but had some paranormal flavor. Markus Schrecken, billionaire and supernatural collector, wants him to steal a ghost. Along for the ride is Anderson, female hired gun and all around badass. Joining them will be Oliver King, a specialist skeptic; Robby Trick, a con man; Edzia Ruznik, a psychic; and the crew of a ghost hunter TV show.

Of course things are not what they seem, people will get killed and there will be some backstabbing going on. That’s what you expect and I would’ve been seriously disappointed if it didn’t. You can pick the first arc in Ghosted, Vol. 1.

Recommended. The new arc has a new case and only some of the new crew are back. Not all of them survived… but one of those deceased might still be along for the ride.

That will do for now.

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