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There are spoilers dead ahead.

The slow buildup from the previous chapter continues in The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 10: Inmates. But even as buildups go, this one’s jam packed with basically everyone else who was unaccounted for and then some. There’s not much that happens in this episode. There’s a lot more about everyone showing up, kind of a role call to see who’s attending this year’s zombie high.

First up, you can put the crossbows down. Daryl is alive. In an unlikely pairing, he’s teamed with Beth. Shutdown seems to be the word of the day as Beth must urge him into action. Fortunately, Daryl is still Daryl. Notice the tracks they walk past, they’ll be a common trend. Daryl disposes of a few walkers feeding on corpses near the track. Also a detail that will help later.

Next we find out that Tyreese is keeping both Lizzie and Mika alive along with… baby Judith! Somehow he managed to grabbed the baby. He is hurt though, and since Lizzie is still president of Carol’s fan club, she’s acting aloof and weird. Not that Mika can do better, she has every right to be a scared kid. Worst than that, Judith cries keep calling the walkers to them. Things seem about to go all kind of wrong as Tyreese decides to investigate a call for help and leaves the two kids and the baby alone. Not his best judgement but he’s on a tight spot. He finds two guys fighting off walkers next to the same track that Daryl and Beth walked by… or more precisely, will walk later.

The guys he helps (or more precisely tries to help) will be the same ones that Daryl will have to kill once they turn. That means Tyreese was actually first to be there. Meanwhile, two walkers approach Mika, who’s back to back with her sister. She calls out to Lizzie but she’s in a trance(and possibly about to suffocate Judith). Mika shoots. Tyreese hears it, but he’s still busy. Right as he finishes the last walker he turns to find Carol. The last surviving guy from the walker attack tells them to follow the tracks to a safe place. He’s been bitten and he’s left there to turn with his friend. They’ll meet Daryl later.

This is a good time to remind ourselves that Tyreese never found out Carol was casted out – or why. And as Tyreese innocently asks her how she got out of the prison, Carol’s quick to cover up both facts. She did witness the last moments of the fall of the prison, though. She’s lost her vehicle (or prefer to says she has) and they both agree to follow the tracks. A sign up ahead welcomes them to a safe place, with a map stating the name of the place is Terminus. Not the best name for a safe spot, but there’s not much choice. Oh, by the way, Carol is carrying Rick’s baby girl Judith. Just a subtlety.

(Photo: Gene Page/AMC)

Maggie, Sasha and Bob are yet another surviving team. Bob is wounded, and I can’t tell if he’s high, hitting on Sasha or trying to sound wise. As Maggie emphatically declares she’s going to track down the bus and find Glenn, Bob agrees to follow as well as a reluctant Sasha. Eventually they walk by a burned car. It’s another point of reference that will come up later.

Of course, Maggie finds the bus and of course it’s full of walkers. Determined to find Glenn, she convinces Bob and Sasha to help her clear it. Initially, they manage to let out one walker at a time, but eventually they get ganged up. They make it through, with Maggie even going inside to make sure. There’s nobody they know… or at least nobody that appears in the main cast credits.

And so we end up with our last team in the amazing apocalyptic race, which starts with Glenn regaining consciousness while atop a ledge… inside the prison. If you are disoriented, so am I. We left Glenn inside the bus. Somehow he managed to leave it (which explains why the bus left without Maggie, something I never understood) and crawled inside the prison. Glenn awakes to several zombies trying to reach him. He’s still recovering from the bout of flu but at least he’s armed. He manages to scavenge for a lot of items inside before donning his riot gear and somehow making it through the crowd and noticing there’s someone else alive.

Tara. The only girl left behind from the invasion forces from the Governor has locked herself inside a fenced area and gone into shutdown. Glenn recruits her for a “Let’s Get The Fuck Out Of Here” mission. To lure the horde away, he uses a molotov cocktail on a car and I have a problem here. Since when are zombies distracted by fire? I mean, when everything is dark and quiet I can see them being attracted by light, but in the middle of the day I don’t see them discarding human flesh for a burning car…

Glenn and Tara will make it out far enough. They’ll pass the burned car on the road (ok, the other burned car). It’s the old if-they-had-walk-by-a-little-earlier-they’d-run-into-each-other bit. They get attacked as they stop to chat. Glenn learns about Hershel’s death, swears to find Maggie, gets attacked by walkers and falls unconscious to the flu all within a few moments. And you thought you had a bad day. Fortunately for him, Tara is turning a new leaf and manages to smash the head of the remaining walker as a military truck stops by. Yes, I had to do a double take myself.

As she curses at the people on the truck for not aiding her, we see a familiar figure step down. He may not be familiar to the viewers of the show, but readers of the comic know very well who he is: Sergeant Abraham Ford joins the battle.

That will do for now.

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