You might notice I seldom do full out negative reviews on comics. I do write things I didn’t like but I just skip writing about comic books I flat out hated. Comics are an acquired taste. Perhaps there’s someone that will find genius in a comic book that I thought was a waste of my time. Bad movies on the other hand, specially geek-themed, I feel I must warn you about. Anyways, on the reviews. Oh yeah… Spoilers ahead.

(Source: DC Comics)
(Source: DC Comics)

It’s finally time for Barbara to do her own thing in Batgirl #28. I’m never sure what to think about Bat-arcs like Zero Hour and Gothtopia intruding into Barb’s continuity. I’m not sure if they’re meant to help drive up sales of Batgirl or Batman or both. To be honest, they’re distracting to the real fans of the book that were already engaged in the local arc.

Batgirl is up against a vampire hunter named Silver. He’s himself a little too vampire-like, and fanatically convinced he needs to rid Gotham of vampires. All good except his mind is warped and sees Batgirl as a blood-sucking fiend.

Fortunately Barbara will not face him alone. Along for the ride is the former Talon, Strix. It’s kind of eerie how much Strix reminds me of Cassandra Kane in the Batgirl full mask uniform. Cassie’s Batgirl was far quieter and deadlier than Barbs. Strix is actually mute, extremely deadly as a Talon but seems to have some innocent left. Anyway, it’s nice to see Strix work with Barbara. They make a good team.

Recommended. Expect an appearance from Knightfall, who might be actually a temporary ally.

(Source: Image Comics)
(Source: Image Comics)

Back in October 2013, I heard a lot about Rocket Girl and now that Rocket Girl #1 is for sale at Comixology I decided to jump in. This is a good solid comic with amazing visuals. Dayoung Johansson who is the titular Rocket Girl, is a 15 year-old girl and a cop from the future. Don’t worry, she’s not given the over-the-top makeover. She’s a kid and looks like a kid. Hopefully it stays that way.

Dayoung will get to travel to the past to solve a crime that seems to be impacting the future. Her first stop is Quintom Dynamics, which happens to be a company responsible for her time travel and her rocket gear as well. She will have to do a lot of talking to convince people around her to listen.

To top it off, she’s still an officer of the law, compelled to do her duty even if cops in the present don’t take her seriously. You can already see how this is going to become a mayor problem up ahead. For now, she gets to stop a criminal and manages to dodge out of the way of being handcuffed.

Recommended with one reservation. Although there’s numbers for November and December last year, there have been no new issues in 2014. Hopefully we get some issues sometime soon. In the meantime, I will pick #2 and #3.

(Source: Marvel Comics)
(Source: Marvel Comics)

And finally, Marvel presents the one-shot comic book Sif.

This one-shot from 2012 has just been made available in digital format. It is the Lady Sif, former companion of Thor. She’s just regained her body after some nefarious plan of Loki managed to take it from her. She’s actually on Earth and in the dumps trying to decide what to do. Expect the obligatory scene at the bar where Sif has to fend off the advances of a guy. She instead introduces his face to the bar. Expected but still amusing.

Enter Beta Ray Bill and his bride Ti Asha Ra. They’ve been ejected from their sentient ship Skuttlebutt (who names their ship skuttleb- ok, nevermind). The Korbinites need Thor but Sif will do. She will have to board Sku- their ship and pry its conscience away from a techno-virus entity that has taken the ship and brought along several infected creatures that share its hive mind.

Going against this entity will not be an easy task. It will try to infect Sif making her relive what she went through when she was possessed by Loki. She will face her fears and win. Still feels like the beginning of an adventure. Jaimie Alexander about to replay her role of Lady Sif on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. Perhaps it’s a good time for her to get her own comic book series.

Recommended if you want to see Lady Sif in action. For the record, she’s actually more covered than in the cover. My only reservation is that this is not a volume nor a continuing book nor even a limited series.

That will do for now.

(Sources: Comixology)