(Source: IDW Publishing)
(Source: IDW Publishing)

It’s Locke & Key: Alpha #2 and it’s the series finale. If you’ve never read Locke & Key you really owe it to yourself to go grab the trade paperbacks. It’s an engrossing story and each frame is drawn to the very last detail. You always feel like going back to the previous page in case you missed something.

It’s time to say farewell to Lovecraft, Massachusetts. Or is it? Nina Locke can’t quite let go of her youngest son, Bode. Kinsey is saying goodbye to her friends. And Tyler has a lot of keys and a lot of unresolved affairs to take care of back at the Keyhouse. That might include one last confrontation with Dodge. The huge battles of the past are over, it’s one last look at the family estate before we say goodbye and although it’s been a horrifying time, it’s kind of hard to let go of this amazing series.

I’ve mentioned this before, but in case you were looking for them here are the collected editions:

Heavily recommended from the first comic to the last one.

(Source: Marvel Comics)
(Source: Marvel Comics)

If Superior Spider-Man #24 makes you go back to the last issue to check what happened, I don’t blame you. As strong as it was to learn the symbiote had actually bonded with Spider-Ock you had to go back over the last panels to be absolutely sure. This issue confirms it and then. The venom symbiote can’t be fooled and discovers something different in Superior’s being. It’s kind of eerie that the symbiote would want to revert back to Flash, but it makes sense. It’s the Devil you know.

Octavius is delusional enough to think that he can remain atop the throne and he’s not willing to give Flash back his new “friend”. The new Superior Venom starts its reign, desperately trying to find a crime – any crime will do – to show his power. After a meeting with Anna, who’s feeling insecure about giving Aunt May a good impression, Superior-Venom-Peter goes over to confront Aunt May and Jay Jameson. Unfortunately, MJ is headed the same way. Confronted by her as he learns of criminals going on a rampage, he changes into Superior Venom in front of a very terrified MJ.

Meanwhile, Menace has made no headway making Carlie talk. The Goblin King, as he calls himself now, comes up with a new approach. Goblin formula. There’s no escaping it, Carlie gets sprayed with the stuff and we’ll have a new goblin by the next issue.

Still reeling for what she saw, but unwilling to involve the police in the matter, MJ makes a call to a secret number to get help. The Avengers have been alerted.


(Source: Image Comics)
(Source: Image Comics)

On to Saga #17, where I really don’t want to spoil anything because it’s good. You’ll get to meet The Brand.

Prince Robot IV has arrived and is threatening Heist, but turns out the author is not completely defenseless even when shot. As he carefully explains to the Prince what he has been writing about, there’s enough time for help to arrive. And get shot. And for the Prince to get shot. But you don’t know if he’s really off. You never know with robots.

Gwendolyn appears and of course she moves to strike and kill. But she shouldn’t lose sight of the machine on the floor. Suffice to say that none of these people heard of talking before shooting and stabbing. Yes, I’m doing a poor job of describing to you this issue, but that’s on purpose. If you’ve been following the issues, a lot of characters meet for the first time – and the last. I really don’t want to spoil a thing.

Recommended if you’re already reading Saga otherwise you won’t understand a thing. Start from the beginning.

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