Things to come: What’s to blog about in 2014

(Source: HBO)

(Source: HBO)

First of all, no promises.

This site came back from the dead this year because I switched from pure personal crap to writing stuff I wanted to write about. I’m grateful for the occasional surges of traffic it had – usually during the Montreal Comic-Con, Otakuthon and the Fantasia Film Festival. It’s not an uber-geek site. I don’t claim expert knowledge, just interest and respect for the material. As all blogs go, this is still about opinion. It’s more of a chilled approach than a show-me-how-big-your-geek-is thing.

Series Issues will continue. There’s no need to announce the feature in the title anymore. It will be less of an extensive full recap and more of a commentary on the highlights of each episode. The main plot will still be given away though. The Walking Dead will continue as well as Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, although I can’t say if I’m going to stick with SHIELD past its first season. I’m really looking forward to adding Game of Thrones to Series Issues as well when it starts – that was actually the reason I started that feature. Sherlock might be another strong contender. I’d love to add Doctor Who but I might be out of time.

Comics Review is still my weekly dosage of fun. I still mix and match mainstream with… well, less mainstream but still quite popular comics. However, I only review stuff I’ve read and I only read digitally nowadays. I want to increment the lesser known titles. The idea has never been to give you a review of everything but just a taste of a few things. Like everybody else’s mine is not a budget that allows to buy all books for review, there’s other sites for that.

(Source: Gainax)

(Source: Gainax)

Anime Review usually focuses on one anime series full run rather than a per episode basis. I do intent to binge watch an anime series now and then and give it a good review so these won’t happen often. As a matter of fact, I think I dedicated one to Attack on Titan, two Movie Reviews about Puella Madoka Magica I and II, and a general article about what’s on my Anime watchlist. I want to give you more of the full series reviews coming up next year, regardless of whether it’s new or old series. On that note, expect a new Anime Review in a few weeks. I’m not telling you which series. Ok, perhaps I am.

Geek Zen is basically what brought this site back up. It’s my ongoing internal debate of a technology regime – a diet that excludes technology fats. I still own way too much tech for one person so it’s always a work in progress. The fact that there’s an old desktop at my place that nobody would give 50 bucks for is not as bad as paying for cable that I never use. I still use that old desktop. Cable’s gone. The tablet debate continues (just when I thought I was out…).

Movie Reviews are easy. I just go to see one and there’s a review on my head by the time I leave the theatre. I will skip certain movies until they’re available on DVD/Netflix. I don’t like to see bad movies but I will give you a bad review if I think it helps you decide whether or not to spend the cash at the ticket counter. I see movies in a whim and I skip them on a whim as well. To give you an example, I haven’t seen any of The Hobbit trilogy movies yet and somehow I have no hurry to do that.



There’s not much to say about Book Review. Those only happen in the event that I’ve read a book or watch a movie and I don’t like forcing either. I’m ashamed to say there’s been only one book review: The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N. K. Jemisin. I can’t say for certain when I will be done with the second one in the series, The Broken Kingdoms.

Older posts on this site tend to be too cryptic or frankly blatantly bad, but if you’re willing to read something I’ve written… there’s this Harry Potter piece (sans Harry or any of the kids) about a murder mystery at Hogwarts. It only features the adults – particularly the sleuth team of McGonagall and Snape. It’s less of a whodunit and more of a how – using for the most part, rules from the HP universe. I’m kind of proud to say that I make use of all known secret passages of Hogwarts castle. If you’re so inclined, try reading The Filch Factor. I don’t want to post old stuff of mine, but I might try writing something new with the intention of posting it here.

I have a twitter account @NeverThinkImp that will auto-post links whenever there’s a new blog entry. I do check it from time to time, so if you want to reach me, there’s that. I don’t know if it’s worth using it for stuff. Perhaps it can be used to tweet stuff from conventions. Or you can just follow it if you’d rather not get any mail subscriptions and just find out if new stuff is out. It can remain at the astonishing record of four followers for the rest of 2014.

That will do for now.

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