Bye Nexus 7

It was a great little device but to tell you the truth the more time passed the less I used it. Actually the only thing that I used it for was reading comics. Everything else – or at least everything else that I do – was done better on a laptop. Reading comics however has a great disadvantage on the Nexus 7.

Before we get into the reasons why, here’s my global disclaimer: please insert the words, “in my humble opinion” before every statement that I make. Actually, put it before every statement you read in an internet blog, not just mine.

The moment that I got a laptop (the Mac Air 2013) with 500GB, a battery that last almost 9 hours and ultralight to boot, the tablets were really off the radar. So, I have to confess I don’t really need the Nexus 7 but I thought I’d keep it just because there’s one thing that is better on a tablet for me. That’s reading digital comics legally – through Comixology’s app.


The problem is that as convenient as the 7-inch screens are they don’t seem to give me a full HD comic experience. Or, to be clear, a full comic book sized experience. I sometimes even read comics on my desktop-hooked TV screen just to make out the details better.

I have caved and obtained the iPad Air for this reason. Feels like a step back, but I’m not going be using it from travel (yeah I said that now, but I might have to revise that later). A large tablet is my ideal comic reader. A light one is even better.

It’s hugely overpriced. I manage to secure one on a flash sale for a little less and use my office holiday bonus, thus making it… still freaking expensive. Holy crap, the discount barely made a dent in the price after Quebec taxes. Then again, my bad for going with the large drive. It’s always that whole you-never-know feeling. What if I actually find another use for it? Still. Pricey. Yikes.

I feel guilty for leaving the Nexus behind but I was not using it. It was a great tablet, and the size was really convenient for travel. Google Play is going to have Game of Thrones available (it will be a while until that hits Canada) but the Nexus doesn’t have a decent amount to space. Chances are Google Play continues with his policy of only letting you play movies with an online connection. I can still access Google Play stuff through, you know, Google. On a laptop.

Besides comics it’s a nice YouTube/Netflix/Crunchyroll viewer for bedtime too. Since I used to have an iPad before, my apps came back  when I synched it. A small consolation price.

Perhaps I have lost my geek zen again. Perhaps I should not care, and it will find me instead. Sometimes it’s just easier to find things when you stop worrying about them.

That will do for now.