(Source: Oni Press)

I’ve been following along The Mary Sue‘s coverage of the all rumors concerning turning The Sixth Gun into NBC’s new series produced by Carlton Cuse from Lost. It eventually occurred to me that I should pick up the comic. Unfortunately, the NBC passed on the series, but that doesn’t mean the comic is not worth picking up!

Turns out the comic is really friggin’ good.

The Sixth Gun is a western supernatural adventure. The comic by Oni Press gives us a plethora of paranormal and western characters that are both original and familiar at the same time. There are six guns that give their owners magical powers, they’re also bound to them until death. Undead General Oliander Bedford Hume wants to recover his, which is the Sixth Gun. Her widow, Missy Hume, has sent the Pinkerton Detective Agency in search of it. But the Sixth Gun’s owner gets killed and the gun passes on to his daughter, Becky Montcrief. The General himself has been freed from his coffin and shit is going to hit the proverbial fan.

Enter the other protagonist, Drake Sinclair. He has a past with General Hume and is looking for the guns as well. A pragmatic and cold man, he’s in a fragile alliance with Becky Montcrief against Missy Hume and the General’s apocalyptic forces which employ the other guns mercilessly. Drake is no knight in shining armor. He wants the guns for himself.

Although it seems like this comic would cater to a particular set of comic fan, I would say pick it up and see for yourself. I didn’t think of myself as a fan until I started reading. I’ve bought the digital versions of the first four volumes (tradebacks) and I have to force myself not to run through all of them in a rush.

Heavily recommended.

That will do for now.

(Sources: Oni Press)