(Source: Marvel Comics)
(Source: Marvel Comics)

Venom #36 is out and I just have to say, I’ve been missing Flash Thompson. Feels like for a while he was just Venom straight 24-7. On this aptly named Simple storyline, Flash is back trying to make himself a regular life.

For him that means being the school gym teacher and fighting crime at night. It also means dealing with his symbiote, although for the most part it seems to stay put. This seems a bit of a middle of the road issue, but it does work to cement Flash more into his daily double life.

You’ve probably heard of a certain Venom-mobile appearing here. It’s a bit more of a one-time trick.

On the whole, this is the comic I seem to be more interested in reading and it doesn’t disappoint. Flash is not the dark brooding hero that his appearance has him out to be nor is he trying to crack jokes or appear friendly. He’s not out to make a name of himself either. He’s getting the job done because he’s morally pushed to do so. I find liking the character more and more after this.


(Source: Marvel Comics)
(Source: Marvel Comics)

The Superior Spiderman #11 seems to snap us back into full Spider-Ock mode. No Peter Parker conscience. You and I know that won’t last long. In this one, Otto is balancing his university life and his heroic identity. We see a glimpse of his work life which appears to be the one closest to a meltdown.

Then the Doc gets invited to the Raft courtesy of his now greatest advocate, Mayor Jonah J. Jameson, to witness the execution of the Spider-Slayer, Alistair Smythe.

But of course, the Spider-Slayer has a plan. Not surprisingly, Spider-Ock has a counter-measure. Then the Smythe has another plan, and so on…

It’s a bit of a guilty pleasure to see Otto playing Spider-Man. You kind of feel akin to his awkwardness as he acts the hero part, but at the same time agreeing with some – not all – of his decisions. It’s kind of similar to that feeling in the movies when you want the hero to just kill the villain with one shot and not wait until the end of the movie to do so. I like to call that the Harrison Ford Approach.


(Source: DC Comics)
(Source: DC Comics)

Batman #21, the first part of Zero Year is priming itself up to be of the most redeeming looks at the Batman mythos. A way to start over from a point where usually Batman’s origin story skips. Then it twists everything on its edge and gives us a partially submerged Gotham City, a Red Hood gang and uncertainty of which universe we’re actually living in. This is the new revised start of the Dark Knight’s relationship with my favorite character – Gotham City itself.

We’re getting revised characters, the mysterious original Red Hood, Alfred getting used to Bruce’s mad ideals and double life and I wouldn’t be surprised if Scott Snyder is planning a little appearance by the Court of Owls.

There’s also some flashbacks to Bruce’s childhood and his relationship with his father. Thomas Wayne’s Lincoln gets described at having “a touch of a demon” (foreshadowing the Batmobile, are we?). We also get the beginning of Wayne Enterprises.

I think I’m going to enjoy this. Actually, I’m enjoying this now. I might even get the trade paperback or hardcover when this storyline is complete just to have these amazing panels in print.

Heavily recommended.

X-Men-Primer-01And a little bonus review. I’ve decided to follow Primer the first story of X-Men #1 Vol. 4.

It’s about time the X-Women got their own storyline and this one seems like it’s lining up to be a great one. I’m also following the All New X-Men series, but I kept hearing about this project by Brian Wood and I couldn’t resist. I don’t know if I stay for the long run after this storyline but for now it’s enjoyable.

Jubilee is en route to the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning with a mysterious baby that seems to have power over machines. A foe tries to convince the X-Women that they should ally with him against an incoming threat. It’s a lot of setup and anticipation,  but if this is the first part of three then that’s we should get.

When the first big action scene happens in the train, I never really got the feeling of impending danger. At least by the end of book the enemy has a face.

It’s good but I want to wait until #2 comes out before recommending it.

That will do for now.