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I was really looking forward to a really good martial arts movie. To be honest, Dragon (Wu Xia) mostly resembles the ideal of the genre. However, it was Painted Skin The Resurrection that added that fantastic element. It wasn’t over the top fantasy though. It was more epic and lavish that I expected. There’s some gorgeous scenes and impressive looking characters in this one. This one is considered to be a sequel, but actually you didn’t know to know anything about the first one to dive into this one. I certainly didn’t.

If martial arts had a fantasy genre, then this would be it. If it didn’t have one before, this would be the defining movie for it. An imprisoned trickster is freed to wreak some mischief and cruelly manipulate the feelings between two lovers that have never been able to be honest with each others. It helps that the two lovers are a warrior princess and a general that are extremely skilled in martial arts. It also helps that the fox demon that tricks them is a beautiful woman. The movie looks gorgeous when it needs to look pretty, it looks amazing when it turns martial and it’s beautifully evil when it has to look malevolent. The battles come up only when needed, so you can’t help but get engrossed in the plot which is not a bad thing.

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Well written, amazing scenes, gorgeous costumes and such great characters this one is a big epic fantasy of a film. I almost expect a toy line to be started of the scenes in this film, probably done by MacFarlane Toys. I felt like I was watching an extremely rich saga that would eclipse Masters of the Universe a hundred times over set in ancient China. Definitely one to recommend to serious fantasy fans. It does go a bit long into contemplation and surrealist scenes, but it’s worth it to get to impending battles ahead.

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