(Source: FantasiaFestival.com)

I had read only a bit of a review of A Boy and His Samurai. It was a late purchase. I was talking to a friend on the line to buy tickets and started describing this movie… when I realized that I had to see it.

This was the last movie of the Fantasia Film Festival for me. I have to say, it was an amazing movie to finish with. The plot is… a samurai from the medieval times shows up in modern age Tokyo and ends up living with a young woman and her son.

Hollywood would’ve butchered a plot like this in a hundred different ways but this movie just gets everything right. It is subtle in its approach. These are common people we see, and common tasks from every day life are shown in a new light from the samurai approach. There’s no glamour ball, the helicopters doesn’t show up, the news don’t pick up the story, there’s no crowd scene chanting anything. This is a cozy, personal, down-to-earth movie that will steal your heart.

If this shows up in any festival or cinema at all, please go see it! Arigato gozaimas 🙂

And with that, the Fantasia Film Festival 2012 turns on the lights, and the theater is left empty. I am happy to say that I have enjoyed what I could see immensely and have no regrets. I loved doing these reviews, and you can bet I’ll do more on the kinds of movies I like to see. My thanks to all the organizers, volunteers, sponsors and audience members. Until next year, bon film, bon festival, Fantasia rules!

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