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Series Issues: The good, the bad and the finale of Lucifer

Spoilers will be a little crispy.


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The thing that Lucifer does best is when the supernatural stuff is opaqued by the mundane every day life. It makes its characters a little more humane and the premise more fantastic. That is why sometimes the storyline takes a backseat to the funny and awkward moments that really define this show as a sitcom. It’s literally situational comedy born out of an incredible premise.

But then again, the premise does call for some sort of an epic showdown. I wasn’t sure how exactly they would resolve it, but first we had the Goddess herself looking guilty. Yes, there’s a couple of people she’s toasted. The thing that is really hard to forgive is what she does to Linda. Had Amenadiel not being able to slow down time, she would have been dead.

Lucifer is really easy to read. Whenever things seem solved to the point of celebration is when they’re about to become worse. But unfortunately sometimes that works against the show. Sometimes whatever we consider an important development turns out to be trivial.

In the end, we lose the Goddess and Charlotte Richards gets to live again. The sword is also lost, but Lucifer does take the precaution to not throw it away whole. Linda gets to live. Chloe knows she’s only being told half-truths.

And Lucifer decides to come clean, which means he’s never going to get to keep his word. Instead he’s shown regaining consciousness in a desolate deserts. And for some reason, he’s got his wings back.


  • Best scene in the show is Trixie making Maze and Lucifer her patients. Lucifer doesn’t get a lollipop.
  • Amenadiel joins Daniel’s improv class. Intentionally, he’s supposed to misunderstand the concept of improv to make it funny. The problem is that it’s specially dark if you know what he’s really going through.
  • Why exactly does Daniel put his hands up at Lucifer carrying a dagger when he’s carrying a gun?
  • The flaming sword finally appears at sword-length. So, the Lightbringer is literally wielding something very close to a lightsaber. I know I asked for this so I blame myself, but something a little more medieval/angelic looking would’ve gone a longer way.
  • Pet peeve of mine: the whole running around of characters looking for something to get melodramatic about. Yes, sometimes the plot of the show feels a bit like an improv class.
  • The ending was underwhelming. We don’t get a big angelic war. But we almost lose Linda. Given the nature of the show, I would have gone¬†smaller even. I would have rather not see the whole flaming sword, it be casted aside and Mom to leave peacefully.
  • Also, location! A more fitting scenario would’ve been somewhere dark and preferably gothic or medieval. A carnival at the beach is far from ideal.
  • I think it was dark to realize Linda had been critically wounded by Charlotte. That’s one act that is really difficult to forgive. I think it would have worked better for Lucifer to be at Linda’s side previous to the confrontation, giving him more gravitas and selling the possibility of him striking down his Mom in more serious way.
  • I don’t think we really got an ending, but rather a resolution of where the characters should be. I would’ve hoped we didn’t end with a cliffhanger, but I was kinda prepared for one. Unfortunately this one doesn’t have anything to do with the story. That makes me suspect that it’s actually completely incidental and will have no consequences in the long run.

That will do for now.

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Series Issues: Lucifer meets God Johnson

Every spoiler is sacred.

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Is this the first time Lucifer gets himself committed in a psychiatric hospital? I keep thinking this already happened earlier. Yes, there’s a murder yada yada, but let’s cut to the chase. One of the patients believes himself to be God. The coincidences start mounting up and pretty soon Lucifer is thinking his dear old dad on whom he has plenty of resentful and vengeful thoughts has somehow landed on earth.

Of course this hampers the investigation, and detective Decker finds herself needing someone on the inside who doesn’t believe he’s a celestial being. After Dr. Garrity generously offers his personal digits, Maze convinces Decker (yeah that’s a sentence that ends in trouble) to invite the head shrink over to pump him for information. She also is offering a threesome, but Chloe declines. Also, Amenadiel shows up. The detective may be good at detecting, but at pretending she’s not.

Do we care about the murder investigation? Not even a bit. So let’s focus on what’s important. Lucifer breaks out his “Dad” in a blaze of glorious madness with the help of Dr. Linda Martin, who suspects Lucifer might be doing this for other motives than revenge. This is obvious in the scene in which he gets Charlotte and “God” together with some good oldies music.

(Source: FOX Networks)

By the time they’re back in the asylum, they find themselves drugged and at the mercy of the real killer. Oh yes, there was a killer. We don’t really care about that. The point is that Lucifer hears what he’s always wanted: an apology and some reassurance from his father. Too bad it isn’t him. Apparently the belt buckle that “God” is wearing was crafted in heaven. Once it’s taken from him, he reverts back to his human self. So, was it really God or was it some sort of aspect of the celestial being that bewitched -ahem. sorry- charmed Mr. Johnson?

Yeah, really. Someone up the budget for the prop department? Anyhow, we finally learned what Uriel told Lucifer: “the piece is here.” Basically, the sword is not complete. There are pieces of it spread all over, but we don’t know how many. It seems the belt buckle fits into the dagger, but it doesn’t quite stay in place.

And despite that speech from “God”, which should’ve been cathartic to Lucifer, he makes it clear he now hates his father even more.


  • I find it strange that Linda of all people believes Lucifer immediately.
  • Maze is a fiend. As fun as it is seeing her making Chloe’s life impossible, you do know she’s more insightful than she looks.
  • “God would never use public transit.” That killed me. Lucifer gets the best lines.
  • Yeah, I keep mentioning this and I know that the entire season is filmed already but… the buckle over the blade makes it incredibly obvious that the blade is plastic. Please tell me that when all the pieces are together, the whole thing will change into a killer kick-ass sword (preferably a hand-and-a-half/bastard sword) that at least looks metallic.
  • Ella first quoting and then listening to “What If God Was One Of Us.” I want more scenes with Ella.
  • Lucifer’s portrait of Chloe. I can’t explain why I find it funny, it just is.
  • So, we’re going for the old true and tried quest for the undetermined-number-of-pieces-to-form-the-thingamajig. I guess we couldn’t come up with something better. It’s a bit of a dramatic license on how many episodes long we want to make this thing. I really hope the showrunners¬†are aiming for a finite number.
  • You feel a little sorry for Charlotte by the episode’s end. Then again, Dan might be feeling sorry for himself by next week.

That will do for now.

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Series Issues: Lucifer and the Deceptive Little Parasite

Spoilers might act deceptively cute.

(Source: FOX Networks)

Oh, why didn’t I start reviewing Lucifer on season one? But alas, regrets are better left behind. The literal devil himself is up against a conundrum. The sword (it’s barely larger than a butter knife) of Azrael was revealed to be the Flaming Sword. I’d hope for something more elegant but perhaps the budget is blown in the cast. If so, it’s worth it. This week it’s a new murder, of which (let’s be honest now) we could care less. Lucifer is being egged on by his mother to throw his emotions into making the sword ignite. I would start by making it look like a real sword, but I’m not in charge of the prop department.

But I guess we’ll do murder while we figure it out. Debbie was the teacher murdered at this fancy schmancy school which name I already forgot. The school is full of caricatures instead of teachers. An overly emotional director, an overly sensitive teacher and an overly dumb physical ed trainer. We also have over the top zealous and elitist parents and you probably think I’m overdoing it. Let’s just say Candy Morningstar would appear subtle next to this week’s murder suspects. On top of it all, Lucifer is trying to control his emotions and he’s thinking somebody at the school might be the key to do that.

Lucifer tries another approach and offers Chloe to drive Trixie to school. Yes, he didn’t say to which school and of course Trixie is in on the hijinx. By the time they got caught, Chloe finds herself in turmoil as Trixie tells a teacher she pretends everything is ok to alleviate her mother’s troubles. Way to go, TV show making me get a knot in my throat. In his own way, Lucifer understands.

Meanwhile, like a villain who tries to tie victims to the train tracks, Charlotte is going for the hammer approach. She’s trying to get Lucifer mad, fearful or even lecherous to see if that makes the blade go flames on. She’s not really helping and can only be as as subtle as a brick through glass.

(Source: FOX Networks)

Oh yeah, the murder thing. So Chloe decides to go to a wake at the school, since Trixie has been considered as a candidate to attend. The elite status blinds detective Decker only temporarily, but she still decides to go. Surprisingly, she’s joined by Maze who decides to help Chloe out posing as the other parent. Then, using one of the stupidest traps ever (the DNA evidence is in the car? Really, people?), they find their unlikely killer. Points to Maze for jumping on her once the things got oversensitive again.

In the end, Lucifer finally opens up to Dr. Linda Martin and learns he has to go through the pain – not the anger. As he does that, he’s able to ignite the sword. Charlotte wants more, but thankfully Amenadiel intervenes before Lucifer ends up using that sword to shut up his mother. Once more stating they have all the time in the world, Amenadiel makes Charlotte back off Lucifer. Charlotte leaves the scene as she checks a recent wound on her wrist that glows. Seems she doesn’t have much time left herself.


  • It’s very hard sometimes to decide if my favorite character is Ella, Maze or Trixie. I’d probably say Ella, but Trixie stole the show this week starting with the moment she happily introduces herself as Trixie Morningstar. She also broke my heart when saying she keeps her sadness quiet because she knows her mom has more issues to deal with.
  • Maze pretending to hear Chloe Decker while she has earbuds at full headbang-level volume.
  • Dr. Linda Martin, the patient therapist, making a breakthrough she’s been expecting from Lucifer for a long time.
  • Chloe, realizing she has not been listening to her daughter, and feeling bad as how much easier a time Trixie has opening up when she’s with Lucifer.
  • And the obviously low point of the show, the whole cartoonish acting of every teacher and parent in the school. That was just a cringe-fest parade of acting stereotypes. I was just glad that I really didn’t care for the detective procedural part this time.
  • I have to say Tricia Helfer plays a mean Charlotte. I know her manipulative ways put her at odds with her sons all the time, but she’s at her best when she does.
  • On the other side, I want Amenadiel to gain back his powers. I think they might depend less on his father’s approval and more on his approval of his own actions.
  • Can we change the plastic knife prop for something a little more worthy of the Sword of Azrael or the Flaming Sword? Looks plastic from several angles, like all the angles they use to film it from.

That will do for now.

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