Spoilers will be a little crispy.

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The thing that Lucifer does best is when the supernatural stuff is opaqued by the mundane every day life. It makes its characters a little more humane and the premise more fantastic. That is why sometimes the storyline takes a backseat to the funny and awkward moments that really define this show as a sitcom. It’s literally situational comedy born out of an incredible premise.

But then again, the premise does call for some sort of an epic showdown. I wasn’t sure how exactly they would resolve it, but first we had the Goddess herself looking guilty. Yes, there’s a couple of people she’s toasted. The thing that is really hard to forgive is what she does to Linda. Had Amenadiel not being able to slow down time, she would have been dead.

Lucifer is really easy to read. Whenever things seem solved to the point of celebration is when they’re about to become worse. But unfortunately sometimes that works against the show. Sometimes whatever we consider an important development turns out to be trivial.

In the end, we lose the Goddess and Charlotte Richards gets to live again. The sword is also lost, but Lucifer does take the precaution to not throw it away whole. Linda gets to live. Chloe knows she’s only being told half-truths.

And Lucifer decides to come clean, which means he’s never going to get to keep his word. Instead he’s shown regaining consciousness in a desolate deserts. And for some reason, he’s got his wings back.


  • Best scene in the show is Trixie making Maze and Lucifer her patients. Lucifer doesn’t get a lollipop.
  • Amenadiel joins Daniel’s improv class. Intentionally, he’s supposed to misunderstand the concept of improv to make it funny. The problem is that it’s specially dark if you know what he’s really going through.
  • Why exactly does Daniel put his hands up at Lucifer carrying a dagger when he’s carrying a gun?
  • The flaming sword finally appears at sword-length. So, the Lightbringer is literally wielding something very close to a lightsaber. I know I asked for this so I blame myself, but something a little more medieval/angelic looking would’ve gone a longer way.
  • Pet peeve of mine: the whole running around of characters looking for something to get melodramatic about. Yes, sometimes the plot of the show feels a bit like an improv class.
  • The ending was underwhelming. We don’t get a big angelic war. But we almost lose Linda. Given the nature of the show, I would have gone smaller even. I would have rather not see the whole flaming sword, it be casted aside and Mom to leave peacefully.
  • Also, location! A more fitting scenario would’ve been somewhere dark and preferably gothic or medieval. A carnival at the beach is far from ideal.
  • I think it was dark to realize Linda had been critically wounded by Charlotte. That’s one act that is really difficult to forgive. I think it would have worked better for Lucifer to be at Linda’s side previous to the confrontation, giving him more gravitas and selling the possibility of him striking down his Mom in more serious way.
  • I don’t think we really got an ending, but rather a resolution of where the characters should be. I would’ve hoped we didn’t end with a cliffhanger, but I was kinda prepared for one. Unfortunately this one doesn’t have anything to do with the story. That makes me suspect that it’s actually completely incidental and will have no consequences in the long run.

That will do for now.