Light on spoilers, big on flavour.

If there was a guilty pleasure for me on network TV, it was Lucifer. Faced with cancellation, the show was acquired by streaming giant Netflix. I was just a little concerned for its future, but it turns out the show has kept most of its corrupted soul intact. The comedy vs drama remains a balancing act, as is the perennial coupling and un-coupling of its leads. Nevertheless, the show’s 4th season felt like it did a better job preserving its continuity and without compromising its characters than its previous season. Even better that other final season from that other show that we will not name here.

(Credit: Netflix)


Lucifer, at its core, is still a show that balances a surreal premise involving the proverbial devil and comedy where celestial and demonic beings share virtues and flaws with their human cast. Tom Ellis still shines as the lead Lucifer Morningstar, whether he’s sarcastic, tormented, funny, brooding, egotistical, he’s for the most part the heart of the show. He’s still interesting to watch. His ego still gets the better of him, but his recoveries are getting better in this season.

(Credit: Netflix)

Chloe Decker (Lauren German) still plays the straight role to Luce’s quirkiness, but she’s given a few things to do this season where the show decides to foreshadow some end-of-the-world confrontation as our esteemed detective becomes a willing participant in a plot to kill Lucifer by a priest who claims to be an agent of the Vatican. Chloe’s agency is short-lived but will have serious repercussions for everyone in the show.

(Credit: Netflix)

Dr. Linda Martin (Rachael Harris) and Luci’s angelic brother Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside) will drive a lot of the plot forward as Linda finds herself pregnant. Amenadiel will be at odds with the possible destiny of this baby as well as the possibly of fathering the first angel-human hybrid being. Maze (Lesley Ann-Brandt) returns to play the adorably hostile bounty hunting demoness. Dan “Douche” Espinoza also returns, harbouring resentment against Lucifer as he still mourns the death of Charlotte. Finally, our beloved darling Ella Lopez (Aimee Garcia) is still the show’s bright beacon of fun, with her faith now contested from the events from last season but her spirit still shining through.

(Credit: Netflix)

The new cast member thrown in to stir things up, is none other that Lucifer’s first love and first ever female to walk the earth, Eve (Inbar Lavi). She first appears as the “original party girl” as Maze describes her. But soon enough, we realize there’s layers under her apparent bubbly persona. Her agency is none other than Lucifer himself, which unfortunately means she has a bit of a blindspot. She’s a lot smarter than she looks, although she can be as mischievous as the devil himself.

(Credit: Netflix)

Yes, it is light fare but I’d still recommend it as a guilty pleasure to have on the side while waiting for your main show to get a new season. The fourth season really does a great job in tying threads set from the beginning up until the end. We get a satisfying conclusion to the current storyline plus a cliffhanger that fits with the storyline. Realistically speaking, they could end it up here or aim for a new season that I definitely would be watching.

That will do for now.