Spoilers think you need to get that zit looked at.

Okey it’s Takashi Miike‘s last installment of this saga. You don’t need to watch the previous features to understand what’s going on. That’s because I don’t think it’s going to help you understand it any better. What I do think however, is you do need to watch this with an audience. The best ones are in Fantasia, where there is no better crowd to laugh at over-the-top silliness. Forget the jump-the-shark, I’m using jump-the-manta-ray from now on.

THE MOLE SONG: FINAL (2021) is directed by Takashi Miike. Reiji Kikukawa (Toma Ikuta) is done with being a mole in the most fearsome Yakuza clan. Done! No more sequels! But there’s one last job he must undertake before he can quit and that is to bring down the big boss Shuho Todoroki (Kôichi Iwaki). Standing in the way is… everyone else! He must face the boss’ dangerous son Leo Todoroki (Ryohei Suzuki) and keep it all a secret from his volatile Yakuza “Brother”, Masaya Hiura aka Papillon (Shinichi Tsutsumi). To add insult to injury, his jealous girlfriend Yunna (Riisa Naka) has discovered Reiji has been carelessly (and stupidly) unfaithful in the previous installment and has broken up with him.

The cinematogra- ok, who am I kidding. Think of the silliest of executions for the more ludicrous of plots and just stick Reiji right in the middle of it. For extra laughs, with no clothes on even when he complains he just got dressed. Our brave (aka stupid) undercover officer doesn’t help much breaking the fourth wall and somehow being branded as a crazy pervert by both cops and gangsters. With the stakes high and a six billion dollars worth drug deal about to go down, fierce anti-drug Papillon has decided to kill his boss which makes Reiji’s task of arresting said boss much more difficult. Eventually Reiji must somehow tell his Yakuza brother the truth and protect Shuho Todoroki long enough to arrest him. He must also convince Junna to take him back.

Highly recommended for over the top comedy so hilarious and loud that overshadows most anime productions. Definitely will require you to love crazy no-holds-barred humour in the style of Takashi Miike. You will need a like minded audience for maximum enjoyment. Works well as a standalone movie. Turn your brain off and let off some steam. Worth a watch with an insane crowd willing to jump in.

That will do for now.