Spoilers will be burdened with glorious purpose.

Heroes are abundant in lore and myth. But for them to have adventures and accomplish great feats they must be challenged. To do that the law and the order of realms must suffer peril to provide conflict for the hero to resolve. What better than to have a trickster character to bring disorder, to create confusion, to unleash chaos and hence the hero has a challenge. Nobody embodies this archetype more than the God of Mischief himself. With all his charisma and his carefree attitude, it was unavoidable that he eventually got his own series.

(Credit: Disney+, Marvel Studios)

Loki (2021) is a mini-series created by Waldron with the first three episodes directed by Kate Herron. After the events of Avengers: Endgame (2019), Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and the Tesseract end up falling in the hands of the Time Variance Authority, known as the TVA. Initially scheduled to be reset, Loki ends up accepting a partnership with Mobius (Owen Wilson) to track down a dangerous “variant” that has been killing the TSA’s minuteman troops.

In no certain order, the series also includes Ravonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), a respected TSA judge; B-15 (Wunmi-Musaku), a TVA Hunter; Casey (Eugene Cordero), a receptionist; and finally Silvie (Sophia DiMarino) who you’ll meet later on. The show brings a very sarcastic element of irreverence to the MCU, and with Loki onboard things are bound to get downright crazy. Although this Loki himself is a variant, he ends up spectating some of the events that led the original God of Mischief to “reform”. That doesn’t mean Loki here is going to start walking the straight and narrow path of righteousness but rather he’ll put his chaotic ways to good use.

I really think this show benefits from a blind watch. Tom Hiddleston’s performance as the character is second to none, he’s unequivocally the driving force for this one. However, I have mention the rest of the cast does excel at what they do and can keep up the pace. Actually, there are a few scenes in which our attention does get stolen by other characters for a few moments. I wish I could provide you with more details but then I’d be spoiling the show, and half the fun is being surprised.

Now unavoidably you’re going to be looking for easter eggs. I have to say I’d rather focus on the story itself that try to find references to the larger MCU in the show. We’re halfway through already, no need to second guess what is it you saw or what was that other name that was mentioned. I’ll save that for a second watch if the time allows.

Highly recommended. I think this show solidifies the character as well as the mythos. It never takes itself quite so seriously but it does obey by its own rules. I am not sure whether we’re headed for some big reveal, but I’m glad for this side quest and glance into Loki even if it has no enduring impact on the rest of the MCU. It’s just a chance to enjoy some mischief and mayhem. Very much worth a watch, specially if you’re fun of the character.

That will do for now.