And now for the extreme version.

Mazinkaiser never appeared in the Mazinger Z Infinity movie. Therefore, we get the Mazinkaizer Infinitism Model Kit as a what if version of the most extreme version of Mazinger Z. There’s a lot of things that are compatible with the previous models, but this guy is definitely larger and with small details here and there that give it quite a presence. I would qualify him as the most visually remarkable of the three, as well as the one most likely to poke your eye out if you don’t watch all the sharp edges. The wings are the biggest of the entire series and they give him an almost vampiresque appearance.

The Kaiser Pilder in this one doesn’t require removing the nose cone. It requires a completely different one. That’s because the wings are supposed “to fold” which of course it’s still hard to achieve with this size. The model kit still provides both the unfolded and the ready-to-fit variant. By the way, that art below the eyes and over the nose is a sticker. Sorry, that is as centered as I could make it. Yeah, it bugs me too, but that’s how it goes with diminutive stickers. By the way, careful with that blue cockpit. It went flying on me as I was trying to put it in place and I had to find it after a really hard search.

I was most impressed about all the different pieces for the arms. That semi-transparent red piece on the yellow background really makes it stand out. Also, the gold pieces that peek between joints add some quality flare for the extremities. Same as Great Mazinger, we get holding arms and a couple of open palms that I can’t quite remember if they are meant to emulate a particular pose of the character. Options are always welcomed, even when I can’t think of a particular scene in which they were featured.

The legs start familiar from the hips and then the whole boot has this very charming design with golden details on the joints. I wanted some more colored pieces since the boots are particularly large to make the design pop, but this is still a lot more than I expected. Definitely a lot of artistic freedom was granted and well taken advantage off. Mazinkaiser does need some large footing since he’s going to be carrying a lot of weight.

This time I will tackle the torso in two parts because I like the detail underneath the chest where we can see “teeth” or “claws” poking out as to grab the abs. The central part of the abs is identical giving the figure that ever so slight crunch that visually barely makes a difference but when you’re talking balance can keep the figure standing.

The torso completed and up close. The details really make the figure. It also gives it the appearance on pictures of being larger than it is. This particular piece fits inside my hand, but it looks a lot bigger on camera.

And now the full figure. This is where this thing really shines. He looks big, bad and menacing. I’ve always thought Mazinkaiser looks like the horror version of Mazinger, and that goes triple for its Infinitism version. Definitely one robot you don’t want to meet in a dark alley, specially since he’s going to be several stories tall.

The Kaiser Scrander is awesome. It’s also a bit cumbersome because due to its wingspan it really puts a toll on his balance. Not that he’s quick to fall over – he’s got rather huge feet. But definitely you have to make sure he’s well balanced on the shelf before walking away. That’s also the reason why I’d rather have him holding the swords out. It can get a little finicky to balance him without something to counter the huge wings unless you hunch him over.

A look from the back. Those outreaching spikes are enough of a risk to never give this figure to your kids even for a second or they’ll take their eyes out. They can be removed easily, or better yet used to lean him against the back of the shelf. The wings also have some limited poseability. Each side hinges as if to turn inwards just a tad. Due to the weight, they both tend to turn out. It would have been fun for them to fold around him, but that’s me asking too much. This look is just fine.

A close up. I really don’t have any deal breakers against this figure, this is a fine addition to the Mazinger shelf, and a definitive must for collectors. The colors just make the details jump out. It’s also one of the most vibrant figures on any shelf.

And now a little family gathering during the festivities. Nice to have had all three brothers together during the holidays and then onto their assigned shelf. Of course, the collection is still missing a couple of figures, but those are coming up soon.

That will do for now.