Spoilers might lack space to speed up to 88 mph.

I was in a particularly pensive mood when I watched this, and it worked out for the best. I don’t know if watching it alone also contributed. Somehow those were the ideal conditions for me to get particularly involved with this film. Of course, it always helps when the movie is also in my native Spanish. Now this film was on my list since the beginning of the festival, and I missed it twice. And yes, we’re talking time travel.

(Credit: Trepamuros Producciones)

The Incredible Shrinking Wknd was written and directed by Jon Mikel Caballero. The young and carefree Alba (Iria del Río) never thinks about the future. She’s been in a relationship with Pablo (Adam Quintero) without ever moving forward. One weekend, they get together with friends and travel to a house in the country where Alba spent her vacations as a kid. Alba is there to drink and have fun, until Pablo lets her know that he feels they need some time and distance. Alba is upset, but not as upset as she’s going to be when she finds out she’s going to have to relive it all again.

The young and carefree Alba (Iria del Río) never thinks about the future. She’s been in a relationship… Yes, this is a time loop but as Alba will soon find out, every new loop she’s losing an entire hour. Now this is where I empathize with Alba. In the beginning, she just decides to break up with Pablo right off the bat so she can enjoy the rest of the weekend. As she starts learning more about the way that Pablo feels, she changes her behaviour to atone for her past attitude. I can relate to that redemption arc. The other development is that she herself does not reset, so any cuts and bruises stick. I also like the visual aspect that the director chose to reflect the shortening visually.

Recommended for most audiences specially fans of time-travel with one reservation. The countdown aspect is new. I think that most fans of time-travel at this point in time will concede that after Groundhog Day we’ve all agreed that the important is not how is time-travel possible (no DeLorean to be seen here) but what does the traveler do. The movie also keeps a timeline separate for the traveler. Alba starts to stink and carries over any hangover effects from days of partying. The one reservation is that we’ve already seen a flawed character’s redemption arc in looping stories. Despite the derivation, it’s well executed and worth your time. You can always take it back on the next repetition.

That will do for now.