Yeah, I should’ve learned what was waiting for me when I walked into this one. I will have to say, I did follow this one a lot better than Miguel Llansó’s first outing in Fantasia 2015, Crumbs. This one is more action-driven but still trippy as hell. It plays more like a spy action-thriller with some story development packed in, although outcomes are completely out of the blue. This one movie that I couldn’t spoil even if I told you the very ending.

(Credit: Lanzadera Films)

Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway was written and directed by Miguel Llansó. It’s a bit of a retro-futuristic story where agents from the CIA are trying to stop a russian plot to infect the Psychobook (the internet) with a virus. The story focus on special agent Gagano (Daniel Tadesse) who’s going in for one last mission before he can retire. Yeah, don’t think you know what’s going to happen. If there’s one thing this movie does excel at is to completely change gears. Or have no gears at all.

I will say I was a lot more invested in the first hour than the second one. That is because it mostly takes place online in the internet-matrix-like world of the Psychobook, where humans use flat masks to identify and are filmed in stop-motion animation. That cinematographic decision alone made up for the convoluted way in which the story is told. Unfortunately the second hour kinda drags on a bit, although I did enjoy the introduction of Jesus – I mean, Roy Mascarone (Guillermo Llansó) who kinda sorta thinks he’s the mythical Nazarene for a bit.

Recommended only for fans for the WTF kind of movies, but also fans of experimental cinema. The stop-motion effect was innovative and intriguing. My reservations are in length. I find the more we depart into the crazy territory, the more a film should keep a tight schedule. Even at 83 minutes it felt too long. That being said, fans of experimental cinema will probably want more and not less. Also, the movie does deliver on that title but not before you have become completely lost.

That will do for now.