Spoilers might need X-Rays.

There are some movies that don’t need a plot. They are character-driven and for sure, things do occur to said characters, but defining them and developing them so the audience gets familiar and invested in their future is the goal. Nothing particularly essential needs to be resolved by the end. Sometimes they go in a bit of a journey, sometimes it’s more of a journey inwards and sometimes they stay the same.

Maggie was created by director Yi Ok-seop who wrote it with Koo Kyo-hwan. In the Hospital Love of Maria, two people have been caught having sex in the X-Ray room. With an X-Ray. Scandalous, but that’s not the story you’re here to see. Nurse Yoon-young (Lee Ju-young) is ready to quit her job. Or show up tomorrow. Then again, everyone else called in sick except her boss, Dr Lee (Moon So-ri). On other news, and yes this is pertinent to the movie so please pay attention, Yoon-young’s boyfriend Sung-Wan (Koo Kyo-hwan) is busy filling up sinkholes. Oh, by the way, sinkholes are appearing around Seoul. Yes, this is a bit of a nonsensical way to tell a story, and that’s exactly what this movie is going for.

Got all that? Good. Now the movie has several stories. Not all of them resolve and some don’t really have anything to do with the main plot, because the main plot is kinda absent. It’s fun to tag along Yoon-young first and then Sung-Wan later on as they don’t really do anything that moves the plot along, but we get to know the way they live their lives. Something do happens at the end, which I won’t spoil but it’s not really something you can foresee earlier. I don’t mind the unconnected storytelling, but it makes it a little hard to follow when all story elements are dropped and replaced again.

Recommended for all fans of oddball quirky comedies with some reservations. The pacing is hard to judge when we abandon plots left and right, and the storytelling suffers a bit for it. That being said, I was invested to know the character’s fate. It’s definitely a particularly odd choice and a special cup of tea that not everyone will find funny. Walking the quirky line between been endearing and funny versus being obnoxious and just disjointed is rather complicated as some will fall in one camp and others will not stand it. I will say I’m glad I watched it.

That will do for now.