I’ve gone from casual to almost non-gamer in just a few years, but I still find myself collecting the odd title whenever sales appear in Steam. Still I wanted to check out GEEK-IT a convention that although it primarily focuses on gaming, it also brought together a lot of trends from the geek fandom, and that includes the cosplayers that have been holed up with nowhere to go this very, very, very long winter. Braving the chill this weekend, all things geek got together at the Grand Quai for Saturday April 6 and Sunday April 7.

I have to apologize for the very dark quality of some of these as taking the photo against the window with light behind the subject is less than ideal. Unfortunately, I felt it was too snobbish to redirect the people away when they’re already posing. The pros usually managed to convinced the cosplayers to step outside, but I’m more of a casual phone pic taker. Perhaps next year.

That will do for now.