Here’s a little silly story of how I’ve changed the setup of the wall shelves above my desk where the Transformers Masterpiece bots are located. The two shelves involved belong to the Decepticons so you know this is going to involve Megatron and Starscream. While I get around to reviewing the next figure, I thought I’d give you a short update on how the collection is shaping up.

I’ve kinda given up on having the three Decepticon Seekers in their Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpiece versions. The MP-11 mold has not really aged well. Good ole Starscream is also missing a finger. MP-11SW (Skywarp) is the best version of the mold, with the cockpit fitting a lot better in the chest cavity. MP-11T (Thundercracker) has been impossible to find at a reasonable price. I found a more cost effective solution which would get me Masterpiece quality at a fraction of the price: the MakeToys versions of Meteor, Lightning and Skycrow.

Also have finally moved a lot of bots to a proper display shelf furniture. Now that the wall shelves have gotten some space. I decided it was time to move Shockwave (FansToys’ Quakewave) to his own space, meaning that the Decepticon Command Shelf has a little more breathing room with just MP-36 Megatron and MP-13 Soundwave.

Megatron and Soundwave joking about the good ole days while Laserbeak listens in.

And now, with MTRM-11 Meteor (Starscream), MTRM-12 Skycrow (Skywarp) and MTRM-12 Lightning (Thundercracker), the Seeker Shelf is complete. However, it seems Starscream is a little bit antsy about staying in this shelf and wants to jump off. Thundercracker and Skywarp are trying to hold him down. Well, actually Skywarp is just making a token effort because he really couldn’t care less. So, what in the name of Cybertron is Starscream up to?

Starscream tries to jump off while Thundercracker and Skywarp hold him down.

Simply put, Starscream is breaking the 4th wall. He wants to be in the Decepticon Command Shelf now that Shockwave is gone. Yes, this is how I amuse myself, folks! Anyhow, after enduring Starscream’s whining for the last month, I decided it’s time that I allow him to jump shelves and become Megatron’s problem.

Starscream breaking the 4th wall and trying to get to the Decepticon Command Shelf.

To get the complete effect, I’m also going to need Soundwave to get a bit of an upgrade with new hands that have fully flexible fingers. It’s a really subtle upgrade, but I think worth the annoyance of having to deal with micro-sized screws that fly off the desk when you breathe. It didn’t take that long.

Soundwave gets his hands upgraded. Now with full flexible fingers! Laserbeak looks on.

That takes us to the new version of the Decepticon Command Shelf. Here’s Screamer after messing up another of Megatron’s plans and getting a scolding from the Decepticon Leader. Also, notice how it’s Soundwave’s turn to break the 4th wall. Now he can give us the finger for having to deal with Starscream. Also added are Megatron’s shouting face and Starscream’s scared face. As an extra detail, Laserbeak has turned on his head cam to record the moment.

Starscream has failed Megatron again for the very last time this week.

On the plus side, everyone’s happy on the Seeker Shelf! I’ve decided to give Skywarp his smirk face. After all, he was always more of a prankster, and I’ve always preferred his black and purple scheme to his brothers’. I need to write a review of the Seekers soon.

Thundercracker and Skywarp celebrate now that Starscream is gone.

Yes, there’s a third shelf for the Autobots. And I do have two shelves in the opposite wall for the One-Percenters powerhouses that are Perfect Effect DX-03 Warden (IDW Fortress Maximus) and the deadliest of them all, GCreation’s GDW-03 Fuuma (IDW Sixshot – not reviewed yet!). I’ll show you those another time.

That will do for now.