Till all are one.

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Let’s face it, Mastermind Creations might as well get an ad on the pages of the Lost Light if they haven’t already. They are arguably the closest you get for most of the third party Transformers that come close to nailing the IDW look.

I know not everyone is a Rodimus aka Hot Rod aka Rodimus Prime fan. But I really prefer the hotheaded leader (oh yes, he is a leader) of the crew of Autobots and Decepticons on board my favorite Cybertronian ship to, say, Transformer Jesus (yeah… Optimus). Now, Rodimus has his moments of brilliance to counteract his usual fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants attitude but his “plans” (read: last minute ideas) usually get his crew out of one problem and into another (often a bigger one).

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And that’s it. He’s flawed. Surely, profoundly even close to humanly flawed. Of course, this is the Rodimus that IDW build. The original Rodimus Prime that held the matrix in the Transformers Movie was just as dull as Optimus. IDW Rodimus has flaws, gravitas, character and a personality to boot. It’s interesting to see his interaction with other characters.

My favorite one has to be him talking to Ultra Magnus. They’re the definition of chaos vs. order and fun vs. discipline. I wasn’t a fan of Ultra Magnus until I saw him trying to bring sanity to the force of nature that is the Rod.

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UM: “Rodimus?” R: “Hi” UM: “What do we do?” R: “What do we do. What do we do. What do we do. Excellent question.”

By the “second season” of More Than Meets The Eye, we have Rodimus having to deal with being co-captain of his own ship as he shares rank with the former Decepticon Leader himself, Megatron. How this becomes funny… Well, you need to read MTMTE to find out.

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Are you seeing this shit? I have to share rank with him?

He has a kin relationship with Drift. They’re either brothers, Amica Endura (BFF) or possibly even future Conjunx Endura (I don’t think I have to tell you what that means). For all the commonalities they share, I don’t think that’s Rodimus most important relationship.

Rift. Or Drod.

Did you guess it? The Rodimus Star he gives to those who rise to the occasion, the Rod Pod… It’s himself. Rodimus has an image of himself that he’s concerned about first and foremost. He worries how others perceive him.

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Yes, totally an excuse to bring out G1 Hot Rod

But he’s not as egocentric as to not worry about his crew. Contrary to Optimus (who would basically sacrifice his own life at the tip of a hat), Rodimus tries to get everyone to safety and doesn’t give much thought to risking everyone in the process. I’m not saying he’s a better tactician, but he’s more of a team captain in involving everyone in the team. It just happens to work better because the crew is stronger when everyone is playing to their own strengths.

The Lost Light Crew

I haven’t spoken much about the toy, have I… Well, MMC R-27 Calidus is my favorite version of Rodimus in both cybertronian vehicle form and robot mode. I tend to use the smug face for him, although I think you can hardly tell he’s got the smirk – the face is very small. Flexibility wise, he can do most poses. I don’t think I have anything negative to say about him. I prefer the classic red, yellow and orange scheme because that’s how I know him but the purple scheme is growing on me. I will still recommend the original since that’s how I remember the character.

That will do for now.