Los muertos no hablan.

El muerto cuenta su historia.jpg

Angel (Diego Gentile) is a director for commercial ads. He’s successful, he’s got a beautiful wife and a daughter than love him. His wife notices the long hours and the late nights and wants to go to marriage counseling. Angel shrugs it off as he uses the casting couch to get as many sexual favors as he wants. He has no qualms about objectifying and using women both professionally and sexually. He’s about to regret that in a major way.

Director Fabián Forte (the actual director of the movie, not the director in the movie) shatters the male stereotype of machismo with Dead Man Tells His Own Tale (El Muerto Cuenta su Historia). A coven of women wants to resurrect their Goddess and turn the tables on humanity by subjugating the male of the species. Angel becomes part of their plan when his throat is slashed and he dies. Well, not dead dead. Just dead alive.

And apparently, now he has to hide the fact that he’s dead while he does some work for the coven. Soon enough, Angel discovers the members of a resistant group of similarly dead-alive men that are trying to discover what the coven is dragging them secretly to work for. At the same time, Angel must keep appearances but finds that’s hard when some sort of mental lock prevents him from even saying anything remotely misogynistic anymore.

A comedy about feminism gone supernatural and the macho stereotype exposed for ridicule that doesn’t forget to add a little lesson at the very end about how society’s ills are not necessarily fixed just by moving the pendulum completely to the other extreme. As a movie, it works a little more like a fable. You can see some of the storyline a mile away, but it’s still a nice ride to take.

Recommended for some good natured laughs, especially in its native Spanish. There’s a surreal funny conversation of the living dead about football (soccer if you’re in the US) that will be lost on people not familiar with the South American obsession about the sport. Regardless of where you live, it’s a story worth hearing straight from the dead man himself.

That will do for now.