Spoilers might be willing to make a deal.


The fact that Preacher can still surprise the audience with an episode such as Sokosha speaks volumes about its writing. This one was so good it almost felt like a season finale. We get an introduction to the soul selling and buying business. It seems that’s just for us because as we learn later on, Jesse not only knows about it but mentions it was the family business. L’Angelles? Did Jesse’s Dad change his last name to Custer because he was escaping his past?

The Saint of Killers has caught up with Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy. They barely manage to give him the slip, but unfortunately Dennis gets caught. The trio has been researching the cowboy’s backstory – apparently also recorded in audio books for our listening convenience. This is enough for Jesse to try to make a deal with the Saint. The reason why the Saint can’t ever get to heaven is he lacks a soul. Now Jesse has an hour to get him one, or the Saint is going to make his friends about a head shorter in height.

Even with Jesse’s secret family background, which will need to be explored in a future episode, he finds himself left out in the cold. All his business contacts have been pushed out by a brand new Japanese venture, incorporated. The show has no qualms shining a light on foreign corporations pushing out local companies. It takes some out of the box thinking, but Jesse finally manages to get them to weight something that belongs to the Saint – a bullet he fished out of a yogurt – with the soul fragments they carry around. Nothing matches, which of course points to one solution: he’s going to end up using a percentage of his own soul.

When the deal is finally completed, the Saint gets 1% of Jesse’s soul. There is a twist, however. Now that the cowboy has a soul, he becomes vulnerable to the Word – to Genesis. That was a nice plot twist. Now Jesse gets to seal the Saint inside an armoured truck and sink said truck into a swamp. Nicely done, but chances are he won’t stay down there for long.


  • The Indian casino is running a tribute to Ganesh called: “The Day the Dying Died!”
  • Dennis is Cassidy’s son. Or Cassidy is lying. It still seems he cares about him, although he doesn’t remember to warn him before leaving. He only tells Tulip after they’ve managed to get the deal. I would expect he’d be a tad more worried, but I guess being immortal must come with memory issues or he’s made the whole thing up.
  • Jesse L’Angelle. So the Custers took on a new name to fit better in Texas. What exactly went down in New Orleans, and are we laying foundation for more backstory later?
  • Cassidy non-casually mentions Lara the lounge singer to get Jesse in trouble with Tulip.
  • We’ve literally transplanted the show from Texas to New Orleans. With all the seeding for stories of the Grail and the soul-selling business, it would seem like a fertile ground for more episodes.
  • You know that the Saint of Killers is going to get out of that truck and get his guns back.

That will do for now.