Let’s give them something they want to see.

(Source: HBO)

That’s the general feeling I got last week and even more from Game of Thrones’ Stormborn this week. A number of premises were thrown in the air, but it doesn’t feel like nothing has landed. It almost feels like we’ve stepped out of the books completely (yes, I know we have, bear with me) and have lost all direction so we’re rushing in for a confrontation.

First, Jon Snow still knows nothing. He’s got Sam’s raven (we remind you there’s a no-raven-ing-and-riding campaign in Westeros) and he’s also got an invitation from Tyrion to visit Daenerys’ court. So, naturally he’s going because… Goddamit, Jon Snow. You have to take decisions that will NOT leave your house, your sister and all the damn North exposed. Send a freaking emissary. Fuck. Jon is putting way too much trust on his luck. Don’t get cocky because your name is in the credits. Get back to Winterfell.

This literally is happening because fans want to see Daenerys and Jon meet and have some sort of whatever. The show is still doing fan servicing and I was way too lenient last week about it. People need to wake up and that means killing someone.

Daenerys is listening to Tyrion, who wants to reunite the houses. The problem is not as simple since Daenerys army is seen as a foreign power. Tyrion is suggesting to lay siege to King’s Landing using the native Westerosi armies of Tyrell, Dorne and Greyjoy. Mind you, Greyjoy is a divided house right now. Olenna is there, and she no longer yearns for a peaceful resolution. She’s here for revenge. She’s got very valid points to make.

Arya runs into Hot Pie. Another fan wish, but she does get something out of it. Arya learns Jon Snow has reclaimed Winterfell and the Boltons are dead. Now it’s time to rejoin civilization. So when she runs into Nymeria leading a pack of wolves and the direwolf just runs away, it feels like the Gods letting Arya know she will always have a wild side to herself. Will Arya fit in again with the crowd at Winterfell? Anyhow, I think Nymeria is bound to appear again one day.

Samwell Tarly has read some controversial manuscript and is going for the Hail Mary pass approach to curing Jorah Mormont. Again, this feels like another fan-induced story line, but I guess we’re just rushing in so he can still be relevant.

But finally, we’re back in Game of Thrones tradition with that last encounter as the Silence, Euron’s ship, splits Yara’s command ship in half. It’s Greyjoy versus Greyjoy. Euron kills two Sand Snakes, takes Ellaria Sand captive, takes Yara captive and his fleet burns down every other ship Yara had. He also captures Yara herself and taints Theon, who chooses to dive into the water.


  • The show is now granting fan service scenarios left and right. Yes, we’re going to see Dany meet Jon. Also, about Dany’s allies meeting – how did everyone get there so quickly?
  • Daenerys has both Varys and Melisandre now. This is getting serious. And yet, after the last events, it does seem that she has lost support. The faction of the Greyjoys that followed her is in shambles. The remaining Dorne are now hostage to Euron’s fleet. I have to wonder where does that leave the Tyrells.
  • I gotta admire how they have crafted Euron’s ship Silence into a scary haunted castle. The extra two sails make it look like a dragon’s wings. It has some sort of armored bow to crack another ship’s hull in half. The bowsprit comes down as a raiding bridge.
  • Also, Euron’s axe has an octopus motif.
  • Do we really have to talk to House Tarly? King’s Landing might need even less scenes than the ones we have.
  • Jon Snow could’ve shown some restraint with Littlefinger. Petyr Baelish is planning something, and it’s best to stay neutral.
  • Nymeria turns away from Arya. It’s just one last goodbye before Nymeria returns to save Arya when she’s in dire straits sometime later.
  • Despite whether the show is rushing or not, Arya learning that Jon Snow is in Winterfell was definitely a moment. You can see the hope seep onto Arya’s face.
  • Qyburn’s ideas are always sinister but never boring. That being said, I don’t think that crossbow is going to be as nimble as to pick a dragon in mid-air.
  • And talking about a counter against dragons, I can’t believe a certain instrument has not made its way to the show from the books yet…

That will do for now.