Yes, sometimes it’s healthy to take a break.

In my experience (YMMV), scheduling several movies in a row might sound like a good idea. Do it for a couple of days and you might be missing on other movies out there. Therefore sometimes I like to pull a Fantasia Switcheroo and take in a different movie altogether. To do that you need to pause movie watching enough to take a look at what else is showing there. So, I pause.

In the meantime, here’s my friend Evelyne doing a report on Fantasia and interviewing some of the people in the audience. For full disclosure, I’m one of the people she interviews.

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You can follow her Youtube channel, CultureEatz for travel, recipes and other vlogs on diverse topics. She also has a blog at

I know this might sound obvious to a hardcore Fantasia moviegoer, but to pick your selection of movies there’s a lot of times that you need your secondaries, your maybe list. There are movies that are better with a crowd. Action and comedy as well as some iterations of horror are better watched with a crowd. Slow movies with drama or what I like to call contemplative horror can be left for viewing alone.

Coming up tomorrow!


I should have a review for THE LAPLACE DEMON early morning tomorrow.

Scheduled for tomorrow are PORK PIE and A DAY but you never know, I might just pull another switch. I will keep you posted.

That will do for now.