Please allow spoilers to introduce themselves.

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In a quick revision of the intended goal, we’re now talking about three components to make the sword whole. I also hope that we get an actual sword in the end rather than three trinkets glued together. Anyhow, Lucifer’s goal is actually not the essence of the show, but the small sparks that occur while the fate of the universe is being decided. Yeah, we’ve now backed away from the romantic angle and we’re just in sitcom mode, but I think that’s where the show can shine.

The show and titular Lucifer, has been postponing a confrontation between Lucifer and Maze for more than a few episodes now. Their inevitable clash takes place with almost gusto. It’s just a violent exchange of blows, the worst of it kept away from our eyes. We see it start, cut to commercials, and then we see it finish with broken mayhem all around as evidence. That’s actually a refreshing way to approach it.

Another refreshing take is Dr. Linda Martin coming to the end of her rope, as her ethics are called into question. She may lose her practice. Maze feels more like a friend here than Lucifer has been. He’s been careful of aligning events to his benefit, but careless with other people’s loyalties and feelings. He’s the Devil. It’s his schtick. But even once in a while, he’s gotta take stock and update his allies on what’s going on.

Charlotte is getting close to Daniel. She’s also featured prominently in this case as she’s employed by the main baddie. That also means that Chloe and Daniel has questions about her involvement until she finally confesses to a partial truth. She’s come out as the ex-wife of Lucifer’s father. Clever, so the ages don’t have to match. At least that allows Charlotte to be present in both Lucifer and Amenadiel’s life without raising suspicions.


  • I’m glad the show finally addressed Dr. Linda Martin’s past indiscretions with Lucifer. That was a past action without consequence that now feels planned.
  • The last component is a book. Or not. It’s not a book? Then is the book real? And yes, I know Amenadiel ends up having the final part of the Sword. Good on him to get a compliment from his father. He so desperately needed one.
  • C.I. Ella Lopez muttering out of the side of her mouth, “hey perhaps Ella should go to the party!” That just cracked me up.
  • I’m glad that Charlotte doesn’t need a reason to hang out with the gang anymore, and that she might be developing some empathy for Chloe.
  • At the same time, I think that Lucifer and Maze were really growing apart, so this cathartic and over the top confrontation might mean they’ll be, if not in the same page, not in completely disconnected.
  • Dr. Linda Martin telling Lucifer that Maze is pissed because he used her.
  • Daniel Espinoza is not only still being sought by Charlotte, he’s actually connecting with Amenadiel. These extra connections are making a tighter cast of characters and allow for more storyline angles.
  • Maze’s protectiveness (misguided and all) of Linda might cause some damage but if there’s really nothing else to do, she’s still going to make something happen. Perhaps she’ll find something to blackmail the head of the committee with. Or take his head.
  • Is it wrong to say that among all the great shows I watch, this one is consistently entertaining? Yeah, it also the one that has the tackiest moments on heaven and hell, but still one I have to keep watching.

That will do for now.