You wouldn’t like them when they’re angry.

(Source: BBC One)

Since the first episode last week, it feels like we’re not being let in onto what the Doctor is really up to. Yes, he has adopted Bill Potts as a new companion. What he hasn’t quite revealed is why exactly he’s not supposed to leave Earth and guard that vault. He has alluded to some sort of promise, but we’re not privy to the details.

Because of that, this episode still feels like the Doctor and Bill establishing their dynamic. Funny thing is, Bill is actually all in with this traveling gig. If she felt like a fish out of water back home, she’s fitting right in already. Their new destination, the distant future, happens to be a post apocalyptic little adventure. Nano-bots call Vardies capable of forming complex structures interface with humankind through emojibots. The deal is you have to be happy or the Vardies will sense your grief and turn you into compost. Literally.

The Doctor immediately opts for the sledgehammer solution and blow up the city by sabotaging the power plant. Of course, he tries leaving Bill in the TARDIS and of course she opts for leaving and finding out the real problem. The city has other inhabitants, the remains of humanity, in stasis pods. So now the shift changes as humans believe they must get rid of the emojibots.

The episode suffers of proper structure. The story seems to stop and start as we suddenly are fighting a different problem. The emojibots are not quite as creepy one moment as the next. The same with the Vardies nano-bots. They seem to be instantly lethal when we first meet them, but give the Doctor and Bill all chances to get away. Actually, I’m not sure how they run all the way to the TARDIS the first time since the Vardies could have caught them any second.

Unfortunately, a little dull follow up that doesn’t seem to keep up the tension or properly build up suspense. The solution, same as with the problems, just shows up out of the blue.


  • Bill Potts is quickly becoming my new favorite character.
  • No villains to remember though. Sorry the Vardies just don’t cut it.
  • Bill figuring out the police box message means the Doctor is here to help and assist.
  • We’re still not allowed to know the nature of the Doctor’s obligation to guard the vault.
  • Felt like a short episode made unnecessary long, so unfortunately a little dull.

That will do for now.