Watch out. Ashi takes the lead.

(Source: Adult Swim)

It’s a different way to discover -and recover- past victories as Ashi tries to find any clues about the Samurai in a world that Aku dominates. But as she travels, she encounters people and entire communities that still remember what Jack did for them. The Woolies, the Archers and more make an appearance.

At the same time she discovers she’s not herself a minion of Aku anymore. We get a flashback of how exactly the assassins got their signature black getup. It’s a second skin formed by intense heat – how exactly did they not perish in the process we don’t know. But after meeting so many allies, allies that could become valuable to the cause against Aku, she decides she doesn’t want that second skin anymore. Ashi reinvents herself back as a human being.

She even crosses path with an aged Da Samurai, who’s become a bartender in that bar where he and Jack had a confrontation back in Season 4. Even Demongo makes a short appearance. Meanwhile, the head of Scaramouche has awaken and is trying to get in contact with Aku to let him know that Jack has lost his sword. Time is ticking now.

Eventually she gets a tip that leads her into what appears to be a samurai cemetery. The spirits leaded by the horned samurai are pressing Jack into committing Sepukku. What ensues is a battle for Jack’s soul and his life. Armed with the knowledge and spirit of all of Jack’s past friends, it’s up to Ashi to knock Jack out of his reverie.


  • Ashi ridding herself of the skin of an Assassin. That must have hurt. It shouldn’t make her any less dextrous, but she needs new clothes. The whole jungle girl outfit is a little too cutesy.
  • I think I’m with most of the fans when I say I was expecting more mystery behind the horned warrior. A spirit of the past just won’t do. Where these samurai spirits, generic warrior spirits or just plain evil ghosts playing up the samurai angle to get Jack to kill himself?
  • Jack should have thanked Ashi for saving his life, or at least explain they’re even. The whole “I like your hair” is suppose to make him look innocent but instead feels a tiny bit patronizing. I know it’s Jack and he doesn’t mean it, but we could’ve waited a little bit to introduce the obvious romance angle that is coming ahead.
  • Yes, Jack. You need to get your sword back. And you need to hurry before Aku finds out you’ve lost it. The quest for the sword begins!

That will do for now.