Enter Bill Potts as the new Companion,

(Source: BBC One)

I really prefer to think of the Doctor’s Companions more like a viewers’ personal guide. They literally re-introduce the Doctor to the people watching, often not assuming that everyone’s has already gone for a ride on the TARDIS before. It also gives the show a chance to re-invigorate itself, as a every Companion has a different perspective.

This easter weekend we got The Pilot, the first show of the 10th season of the Doctor… I know that the show has gone on longer than that, I’m just going with the official convention of starting the recount on 2005.

Pearl Mackie plays the plucky and charming Bill Potts. So far, I love her character. She’s more warm than sassy, more caring than cool and a lot more into science as she slips into the Doctor’s lectures. Apparently the last Timelord has managed to get employment in a university giving out lectures about quantum physics. Or poetry. Same thing, really. Also along for the ride is Nardole (Matt Lucas), who I gladly accept as more of the sidekick. Bill feels more like the sorcerer’s apprentice.

There’s not much of a real threat in the first episode. The Doctor is investigating a vault door, something that we might see develop into a future episode. Meanwhile Bill becomes friendly with a student named Heather who has a star in her eye. Unfortunately, she’s been absorbed by a water monster that appears to have a yearning for Bill as well. The fact that Bill and Heather have an attraction is not played up, but treated very casually which was also refreshing.

We also get the TARDIS out for some traveling hijinks as the Doctor decides to test the water fiend’s ability to track them down, and then ingeniously decides to throw none other than the Daleks on its way.

A decent, but not amazingly epic start for a new season, which is the last for Peter Capaldi.


  • Peter Capaldi is still the Doctor. Actually it feels like he’s been the Doctor for even longer.
  • Pearl Mackie’s portrayal of Bill Potts is charming and her chemistry with the Doctor is enjoyable so far.
  • That being said, I’m glad she has enough insight and sci-fi familiarity to recognize and stop a mind wipe.
  • The Doctor has pictures of River Song (wife) and Susan Foreman (granddaughter) on his desk. *Sniff*
  • The pencil holder with a bunch of sonic screwdrivers.
  • The TARDIS with the out of order sign.
  • Yeah, I know they’re obvious easter eggs. And it’s Easter. Fitting.
  • Okey, not much substance to make it memorable, but this was kind of the slow intro to the song. Let’s wait for the chorus to hit.

That will do for now.