Spoilers are on hiatus until late April.

(Source: The CW)

Superhero Weekly is on hiatus for the next three weeks. Supergirl is up, up and away until April 24th, The Flash is out for a jog until April 25th and Arrow is aiming to hit its mark on April 26. So, what’s coming up?

For Kara, it seems she will get a chance to be a reporter again, in a story featuring Lena Luthor.

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Barry will be running to the future, meeting himself and no doubt making a giant mess to unravel.

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As for Oliver, he might have a friend turning into a foe. Or is this trailer misleading us into thinking it’s time for Felicity to turn to the Dark Side? The show needs a bit of a shakedown, and this would do.

On other news, Samurai Jack was MIA on Saturday. No, Aku didn’t get him. Adult Swim pulled a fast one and aired the premiere of Rick and Morty’s third season instead. Anyhow, we’re all waiting for next Saturday.

American Gods premieres April 30. Lucifer returns on Monday, May 1st. Anybody up for an Angels and Demons sort of feature? Of course, I might have to come up with a less Dan-Brown-ish name for it. We’ll see.

That will do for now.