Spoilers will get knocked down but get back up again.

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Supergirl took it to space and beyond this week. Almost. In the biblically named Exodus, a bookend to last week’s Homecoming, the Girl of Steel and her fearless badass agent of a sister Alex deal with the fallout of trusting, and being betrayed, by their father. In truth, we all knew already that Jeremiah Danvers was being blackmailed by Cadmus with the old, “we will kill your daughters” threat. Jeremiah and Quentin Lance from Arrow should compare notes.

Chyler Leigh (aka Alex Danvers) has been getting some great scenes as of late. You almost feel like the title should be plural. After a harsh, and some will say unfair, trickery by J’onn, she gets puts on suspension when her loyalty and/or better judgement is called into question. She’s an almost unstoppable force. I say almost, because she literally gets sent into space with the alien hostages, a middle-of-the-road solution devised by Jeremiah to prevent Lillian Luthor from exterminating them. Yes, there’s a quite discernible political agenda, but it’s hardly a stretch of the imagination.

Kara has her own problems. She’s given the idea by Lena, of all people, to go public with her information as an independent. Yes, I expect Mon-El to say, “just do what you think it’s right.” In the world of superheroes, that’s always the outcome but in the real world there are compromises. I know how jaded that makes me sound. Truth is I did like Snapper Carr telling it like it is when Kara gets sacked, even after the interview with Supergirl. I didn’t expect him to fall for the Supergirl charm. Snapper IS a more accurate depiction of a journalist. Kara is less so.

I’ll say it this way. Kara is as much a journalist as Mon-El is a superhero. They both try, they use other people as examples, but neither of them understand why they should act the way their role demands. One would think that they could really kick ass given their abilities, but they lack the internal fire to become what they yearn for. I will give Kara somewhat of an edge on trying to get closer to her goal, since Mon-El is blind to the fact that he misses the point altogether.

(Source: The CW)

The Flash just went from a high to a dramatic low with The Wrath of Savitar. No, I don’t mean this was a bad episode but we literally brought every single couple in the show into their happy place to drop them in the darkest pit of despair.

Wally starts having hallucinations of Savitar. This drives a wedge between him and Jesse. Caitlin reveals she kept a piece of the infinity sto- oops sorry, that’s Marvel’s CU, don’t sue me! She kept a piece of the Philosopher’s Stone plus one of Savitar’s follower has somehow found the Philosopher’s Box (the set now available at your nearest fast food joint with the purchase of a kid’s meal). That drives a wedge between Caitlin and Julien. Barry blames Wally, Wally figures out (you should have guessed this, son of a detective) that Barry proposed to Iris to save her life after being vibed to watch the future Iris-gets-killed scene (keep track of how many versions of Barry are in the scene so far).

As everyone is literally at ends with everyone else, Barry decides to use Julian as his personal smartphone and phone Savitar again. Then he doesn’t get what he wants so he tries again. I wouldn’t blame Julian one bit for walking away here.

Too late they figure out that Wally is being played to get the last piece, not away from the speed force but into it – making Savitar permanently free, something of a goal that he’s managed to manipulate everyone to achieve. A good twist, but the ending is just irrevocably dark after everyone seems to be at odds and ends with everybody else. This was so dark that I was glad that there was no Arrow this week.

Savitar is CGI or at best a lights up suit. Without any personality and a somewhat cliche of a scary voice, he’s more cartoon than villain. I think I’d rather have a villain with a human -and acting- face.


  • Chyler Leigh once more the actress to watch as Alex Danvers goes rogue and literally almost saves the day, but the last scene has to be a show of strength by Kara.
  • Kara really didn’t achieve much this week except for getting herself fired and learning a little more about real journalism as she did. Snapper Carr stole the scenes with his quotes. And yes, a half truth is just a lie.
  • Supergirl rescuing and carrying Lena. Yes.
  • Mon-El and Kara… Ok, I was about to write “having a moment” but I’m failing to see that. He was just on the background.
  • That was a very cruel trick from J’onn J’onnz but the assessment was spot on. How did Alex not get literally shot to pieces by Cadmus, I can’t figure out.
  • The ending with Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo. Yes, we all know that Mon-El is going to end up being the Prince of Daxam. So I’m guessing they’re the Queen and King.
  • And the Flash became all shades of despair and depression this week as literally every single relationship was on the rocks.
  • When all was said and done, the idea of throwing all the pieces of the Philosopher’s Stone in the speed force actually freed Savitar. That means that unbeknown to Caitlin, she was preventing him from getting free. Not even a consolation price of a win since he ends up getting freed by Wally.
  • I think it was a given that Barry was marrying Iris to also alter the future, but was this really such a bad thing? Okey yes, but practically no if he’d come clean and say it, correct?
  • Was anybody else thinking that Wally was going to turn out to be Savitar? I certainly thought that at the very end. Remember Savitar tells Barry that they’re coming close to the first time they will first meet. I still haven’t abandoned this theory to be honest.
  • Kind of glad that Arrow was not on this week because Flash was already dark enough.
  • Savitar is uninspiring as ever. Can we break him out of his cocoon and just reveal him as a face we can feel some empathy, hate or emotion? Is that too much to ask of a comic book TV Show?

That will do for now.