Spoilers are our New Year’s resolutions.

(Source: The CW)
(Source: The CW)

Supergirl decided to kick up the alien factor and bring us an adventure out of this world. With none other than Kevin Smith directing and a Harley Quinn Smith cameo, Supergirl and Mon-El end up in an alien world facing an old enemy who’s willing to bring human trafficking to the next level. Dichen Lachman returned as Roulette, which I’m sorry to say made as much of an impression as the last time – not much. To the show’s credit, they did succeeded in creating some chemistry between Kara and Mon-El. It was not necessarily a romantic chemistry, but that’s ok. That was preferable.

I know the show is trying to get these two together, but I’d rather it let things happen organically. Mon-El still has some frat-boy left on him, but he was less of a douche. You can say he’s been graduated to semi-bumbling sidekick. Also, either of them should have totally send a text before stepping into an unknown portal.

There was some completely forced drama between Alex and Maggie Sawyer. Alex literally used the my-sister-is-in-danger card to reconsider the whole relationship? I didn’t like that at all. It was a forced excuse to create friction and it almost seems like we’re looking for a way to break them up when they just got together. Let’s keep things at a reasonable pace.

(Source: The CW)
(Source: The CW)

The Flash now has accepted Wally as Kid Flash, but with the appearance of the same criminal that Barry sees on a street screen, I didn’t like the way that Wally was treated. Actually, I also didn’t like the overbearing and patronizing way that Kid Flash is literally allowed to bring the criminal in just because it was convenient. The dynamic between Barry and Wally as a superhero team needs to be smooth quick or Kid Flash should just consider a solo crime-fighting career.

I’m not in a hurry for them to address Savitar now that everyone (except Joe West) knows he’s eventually going to be in the picture again. I am really concerned for Caitlin Snow, who easily is the most interesting bipolar character with her impending Killer Frost personality trying to kick in. It does feel like we’re literally repressing her potential, and I know Killer Frost is a villain, but I still feel Caitlin should embrace her powers instead. I don’t know how many more times I will have to write this.

(Source: The CW)
(Source: The CW)

And so we get to a strange case of identity theft with Arrow. Spoiler alert, she’s Black Siren. Having Katie Cassidy back on the show was still a hoot, even if she played a villain. I think perhaps because she was the focus of this episode, she was more of a force of nature than before. Felicity was also impressive as went behind Oliver’s back to prove this was the wrong Laurel Lance.

I’m secretly (ok not so secretly) glad that the garish statue of Black Canary is gone. And yes, Olly should look for a replacement. I really wish I could say the rookies, the so-called B-Team was improving but they keep holding Ragman back and pushing Wild Dog for no reason. Mr. Terrific was a lot better as he’s moving forward. The alternate storyline with Adrian Chase representing/processing John Diggle has some potential, although I’m not big on courtroom dramas in superhero storylines.

It’s still a dark episode in which the team is still licking their wounds over the unfortunate death of Billy Malone.


  • The Maaldooreans were a legitimate threat. Red Sun. Atmosphere poisonous to the Martian Manhunter (you could have worn a gas mask). They looked way too familiar though, like they recycled that makeup from another scifi franchise.
  • Mon-El received a bow from the Dominator who originally intended to buy them. Is it possible that Mon-El was not the bodyguard of the Prince of Daxam but the actual royal figure?
  • There was the issue of human trafficking and slavery in the background. It felt glossed over. Also, it seems slavery existed in Daxam, which doesn’t make Kara too happy to remember. You know what other planet has had slavery? Earth.
  • Wynn gets his moment in the red sun as he fights off a Maaldorean, and faces his own fears. Just a moment, but it was not all bad.
  • No reason for Alex to freak out at Maggie when Kara disappears, but just drama for drama’s sake. I don’t like it because it almost seems we’re looking for an excuse for a breakup when we just saw these two get together.
  • The Flash episode wasn’t ground breaking or anything but it felt a bit blah. I still think the show is a bit condescending towards Wally West. The romance between Barry and Iris is believable but that’s about it. It was the kind of episode I watch to see Caitlin and Cisco.
  • Caitlin should let herself become Killer Frost once and for all, and yes I know I say that every review. I will keep saying that.
  • The Arrow was sad again. There were some rays of light as at least Katie Cassidy was in the same universe, even if she was Black Siren.
  • Mr. Terrific needs to become more of a badass, Ragman should really be more frightening and Wild Dog needs to be spayed.
  • Adrian Chase’s way of keeping John Diggle within civil jurisdiction was kind of clever? Inventive at least. Perhaps he’ll become more than just Vigilante’s alter ego. Oh, he’s Vigilante for sure.
  • We did get two huge cliffhangers. The appearance of Talia, as in Talia Al Ghul, was unexpected. And we learn that somewhere out in Hub City, there’s someone with the powers of Black Canary. Perhaps things are looking up after all.

That will do for now.