A ninja, a robot, a zombie and a demon walk into a bar…

(Source: Fantasia Film Festival)
(Source: Fantasia Film Festival)

I’ve always felt that Fantasia was the perfect punchline for that premise, an untold storyline that can make you laugh, cry, scare you out of your skin but somehow always delight you. It all begins again tonight as the Fantasia International Film Festival 2016 starts us off. You probably have read my original wishlist of movies, but here’s where I have to apply brain over heart: nobody can see it all, we need sleep and more than likely we have to spare some time for that other thing: actually writing down a review of all films watched.

Does that mean cutting down on the number of movies to watch? The unfortunate answer is yes. I love watching a good quality film, and Fantasia has a ton. The more you watch, the more the chances of finding a diamond in the rough. However, the more I pack my schedule the less time I leave myself to actually give each film a good review. I’m not going to complain, it’s a sweet dilemma to have.

Friday, July 15: It’s strange to start the festival with a documentary, but then again this one’s going to be sold out thanks to the presence of Guillermo del Toro, who will accept the Cheval Noir at the screening of Creature Designers: The Frankenstein Complex (France). Later on, I have a thriller of tale of abduction curiously also labelled as a sci-fi called Rupture (USA/Luxemburg/Canada).

Saturday, July 16: The silliness begins with Takeshi Miike as he receives the Lifetime Achievement award just before going into insect-superhero-scifi territory with  Terraformars (Japan). Additionally I might be watching Demon (Poland).

Sunday, July 17: It’s a horror documentary. Not quite sure how you pull that off, but I’m looking forward to  Beware the Slenderman (USA). That very night, it’s Takeshi Miike’s other gem As the Gods Will (Japan) which might just take the rest of my sleep. That is, if I don’t end up just skipping it after the previous night.

Monday, July 18: I’m looking forward to Johnny To’s Three (Hong Kong) for a healthy dose of action. Optionally, I might catch White Coffin (Argentina) or just taking a breather. After all, terror will come knocking in The Wailing (South Korea).

Tuesday, July 19: It’s weird mix of fantasy, horror, comedy and a musical for The Lure (Poland).

Wednesday, July 20:  I couldn’t resist taking in Lights Out (USA) although I had to nab my own ticket for it.

Thursday, July 21: Anime! Yes, there is anime in Fantasia! And it seems it will have a fine offering with Harmony (Japan).

Friday, July 22: It’s another of those wiped-memory post-apocalyptic plots that you never see with Embers (USA). Additionally, I might stay or not for Seoul Station (Japan).

Saturday, July 23: I might start early with Psychonauts (Spain) and/or solve crimes with The Phantom Detective (South Korea). The sure shot that night will be Assassination Classroom: Graduation (Japan).

Tuesday, July 26: After a well deserved break, we see what’s beyond death if anything with We Go On (USA).

Wednesday, July 27: Some laughs with the comedy Familyhood (South Korea).

Friday, July 29: Some laughs and horror with Too Young To Die (Japan). Then it’s Kevin Smith’s take on Canadian lore with Yoga Hosers (USA).

Saturday, July 30: The world of manga is revealed on Bakuman (Japan).

Sunday, July 31: It’s horror and speed on Train to Busan (Japan). Then we’re still watching horror build in Before I Wake (USA).

Wednesday, August 3: Closing night begins with Judge Archer (China). Optionally, it’s Mel Gibson in a revenge flick with Blood Father (France). Finally, one last breath of horror with Don’t Breathe (USA) for which I had to get a ticket.

Fantasia starts tonight, July 14. My viewing starts tomorrow.

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