There were many things to do at the Montreal ComicCon 2016, but you know already which one is my favorite. There’s a ton of guest stars, there’s a chance (and a price, telling it like it is) to meet and get an autograph or get your picture taken with one of them. I really try to avoid the lines whenever I can, but there will be a line or two regardless. I did pickup a Hydra pin, managed to listen to a cosplay panel and did get the chance to talk to Eliza Dushku while getting her autograph. Well, she did most of the talking. I might have stammered a bit.

Montreal ComicCon 2016
Montreal ComicCon 2016

However, my favourite thing is always the cosplay talent shown by a lot of those attending. Yes, there was a lot of Kiritos from Sword Art Online and Harley Quinn is still the most common female cosplay although The Suicide Club movie version is getting popular.  However there’s some great originality displayed. My favorite this year goes to the team cosplay of Alice: Madness Returns. A close second goes to Hodor, because Hodor.

Up for you to find: A female Immortan Joe! Hodor! Rufio! A team cosplay of The Fifth Element, a team cosplay of Inside Out, a Lobo/Kiss cosplay and the captains of the Quidditch teams for Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin.

Let’s not delay this one any further. Here we go!

Coming up next! Fantasia opens this Thursday!

That will do for now.