Spoilers might make their presence known by bringing down a building or two.

The Flash sets all its pieces for the endgame with Invincible. It’s nice to have Barry back, and apparently his confidence is worrying the rest of the members of the team. I actually found it refreshing, because every series could use some hope… Are you hearing me Arrow? But I digress.

(Source: The CW)
(Source: The CW)

It was good to see Laurel Lance, even in doppelganger form. It was friggin’ amazing to see Cisco and Caitlin take on the personas of Reverb and Killer Frost. Any chances we will see them take those roles in any capacity in the future? And Henry Allen (John Wesley Shipp) meeting Dr. McGee (Amanda Pays) was a nod to their relationship on the 90’s version of the Flash. Other than that, we were a little light on the revelations. There’s no hints at Wally or Jesse becoming speedsters yet (okey except for that crackle when Barry touched Jesse last week). The way to clear the board of all the meta-humans from Earth-2 was mostly grounded on pre-established concepts, which meant it was not completely taken out of thin air. The cliffhanger, however, was brutal…! You mean I have to wait a week for this?

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I must say that having Henry say goodby to Barry was devastating. His last words as he knows this is the last time he can say anything to his son was just heart-wrenching. I wish we didn’t have to up the ante by killing off a character. I wish this wasn’t the only way that a TV show lets us know we’re on the ropes and it’s time to gather your forces for the last bout. But I have to recognize I will have a hard time waiting for next week.

And now for the not so good news.

(Photo: Katie Yu/The CW)
(Photo: Katie Yu/The CW)

That’s Green Arrow, he used to have his own show. Now he’s a background character.

Arrow this week brought us Lost in the Flood where… sigh. Sorry, it’s just tiresome. The whole plot is a like a runaway train. This time it’s basically go in Thea’s rescue, almost accidentally destroy the lair (no, really, a stray arrow brings the whole thing down) and the other plot. The other plot is not hacker vs hacker action – it’s actually Donna getting insanely jealous that Noah and Felicity are bonding. The hacker plot for control of Rubicon/Genesis is a veiled background story.

I did find really strange that while Donna confesses that she took Felicity away and that Noah actually didn’t abandon them, Donna gets to ask for forgiveness to Felicity – and not Noah. Actually the part in which Donna asks Noah to leave because he’s a criminal and criminals don’t change doesn’t quite sit right with me. Noah does not stop being Felicity’s father regardless of his criminal background. That being said, we’re focusing on a side story. I almost sighed with relief when Damien walked in.

Can we just skip this episode and move on to the next sea- I mean, the finale, whatever that is?


  • Must all Greg Berlanti productions have that one scene in which the cast gets together for a dinner and a toast just to be interrupted at the last moment?
  • Wally just discovered that Barry is the Flash. It shouldn’t take him long to figure out that Joe knows and perhaps even that Iris knows too. After the usual shock wears down, will he still look up at the Flash or will he walk away because he doesn’t feel a part of the family/betrayed/lied to or some other drama? Is at any point going to get that little spark from Barry the way that Jesse did last week?
  • I did love that Dr. McGee has figured out that Barry is the Flash and kept it a secret by herself. Something tells me she won’t be a big part in the finale, which would be a shame.
  • I guess that was it for the Black Siren and I kinda feel cheated. Also, apparently she didn’t need a sonic device. At least it was cool to see her more than just a few minutes. The scene with her and Cisco and Caitlin trying to impersonate their Earth-2 counterparts was cool, as was seeing that the Black Siren is not as easily fooled.
  • Do I want to change my prediction for the Man in the Iron Mask? I still think that having him be Oliver Queen would be such a rush – but then again having Henry appear again would also be a hoot if he turns out to be the actual Flash from Earth-2. Then again those two events are not mutually exclusive, right? Oliver behind the mask but Henry appearing as Flash-2? Too much? I must admit having Oliver under the mask would mean double work for Stephen Amell, but dammit that would’ve been awesome…
  • Arrow. Yeah I want it over at this point. Start fresh next season. At least do me the courtesy of ending this Damien Darhk character so I don’t have keep misspelling a word as his name. An arrow ends Damien’s dome city. Apparently everything blows up if you hit it in the right place.
  • Sorry, I didn’t agree with Donna. As much as she got hurt by Noah, Noah never abandoned Felicity. Donna just doesn’t want to learn that Noah could be a father at all. She doesn’t get to dispense justice here, he will always be her father. I didn’t agree with the way that Donna took all decisions in the name of her daughter and does again at the end without telling her. It’s up to Felicity to choose if she wants Noah in her life. Goddammit, Donna. No respect. I’m getting a little saturated of both Smoaks.
  • How about a finale in which both Felicity and her mother die at the hands of Damien Darhk, Dahrk at the hands of Oliver, Malcolm at the hands of Thea and we start with a new fresh coat of paint next season? No?
  • Can we at least get rid of the flashbacks next season? Guess not.

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