Sparrows- I mean, spoilers ahead.

So back in King’s Landing, everyone’s agreed that the High Sparrow has overstayed his welcome and it’s about time. The Tyrells are being set up somehow. The Lannisters will simply sit this one out, but you know Cersei is going to play all sides. Meanwhile, Ramsay kills Osha and Theon goes home to the Iron Islands to meet his unsympathetic sister Yara. Are we done with all things dull? Then let’s get into the meat and potatoes of this episode.

(Source: HBO)
(Source: HBO)

It’s strange (pun intended) and a little worrisome, but we’re getting something we’ve wanted for years in an episode titled Book of the Stranger (the Stranger symbolizes death and the unknown on the Faith of the Seven). Yes, that is Sansa with Brienne and Podrick walking into Castle Black and that was one of the hugs we never expected to see on screen. Sansa and Jon Snow are reunited and they don’t intend to split apart. Sansa even apologizes for being horrible to Jon. She really, really shouldn’t. Sansa’s road has been horrible and cruel and a living hell. She started as naive and has learned lessons that none of us could ever stomach living through. But Jon also started as delusional and naive and payed for his idealistic view of the world more than once and finally with his own life. Jon died as a result of his ideals. Sansa lived through hell, not because of her ideals or her decisions but because she was female and a Stark.

Jon Snow almost thinks that he can be excused from fighting. Sansa knows that they have no option but to win. Desperate times, and Sansa seems to have learned her lesson just a little better than Jon.

(Source: HBO)
(Source: HBO)

Tyrion, I know why you’re doing what you’re doing. In the end, you’re just looking for a reprieve while you get your queen back. However, any more deals like that and you’ll be killed by either or both parties. Yes, eventually in the end it won’t matter but you have to get there in one piece. And that’s all that I have to say about that.

(Source: HBO)
(Source: HBO)

If you expected the conflict with Daenerys to last long, you can breathe easier. The Mother of Dragons had a plan of her own, and will not be liberated by Jorah Mormont or Daario Naharis. Instead, she literally burns down the temple of the Dosh Khaleen with all the Khals inside. It just annoyed me to no end that the Dothraki Horse Lords consider rape a fitting punishment for anything. There was something up with Dany’s smile as she walked over to the flaming torches. Did she really just grabbed all the power of the Dothraki for herself? Does that mean that she’ll be bringing in that massive horde of people back with her?


  • That hug was just something or a rare moment of happiness. Two Starks have reunited and for now they plan to stay together. “Where are you going?” “Where are we going?” Enjoy the moment.
  • Brienne faces Ser Davos and Melisandre, just to be told that all that bad voodoo used to kill Renly Baratheon is “in the past.” She has no problem letting them know that she was the one that executed Stannis. That must’ve hurt.
  • That look that Tormund Giantsbane gives Brienne
  • I can’t stand the sanctimonious High Sparrow which means he’s not going to die. At least I would be happy with Margaery Tyrell obtaining her freedom back, but I have no false hope that the Faith Militant will disappear. More than likely, the Tyrells might be betrayed by the Lannisters. I’m hoping Lady Olenna has a card up her sleeve.
  • Ramsay was Ramsay, so we all knew that Osha was dead since she reappeared in Winterfell on last week’s episode.
  • Oh yeah, I forgot the Vale. Littlefinger means to help Sansa. Wait, no. Or yes? I can’t really read Littlefinger. He plays several moves ahead of everybody else. Robin is so easily manipulated.
  • Margaery appears in this episode! And she gets to meet her brother Loras Tyrell. The man once known as the Knight of Flowers has been broken by the Faith Militant. It’s another reunion, albeit our investment in the Tyrells is not particularly large.
  • I already said everything I can think of regarding Tyrion. I have to say, I half expected him to come up with a different economic model to replace slavery on the spot.
  • Daenerys, where are your dragons? I thought for a moment I was going to see Drogon break into the temple-hut.
  • The pace is starting to pick up, have you noticed? First we see a Stark reunion, now there’s a plot against the High Sparrow. Also, the north might be seeing a battle soon. Is Winter going to come sooner than we think?

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