Spoilers might save your soul.

Remember, there’s no recap anymore. If you haven’t seen the episode, you’ll be lost. Well, perhaps not. After all, everything was kind of straightforward this episode. Rick and Daryl go on a supply run. Hey look a truck with all this cool stuff. This must be our lucky d- *oof*

(Source: AMC)
(Source: AMC)

Enter Paul “Jesus” Monroe. The long awaited character from the comics finally makes his appearance. Played by Tom Payne, Paul aka Jesus is a kung fu fighting machine with the agility of Spider-Man and a Jedi Master. Also, he’s another well-adept fighter that chooses to let live whenever he can. Even in his first scenes you can tell he’s one of those characters that has a few stories to tell.

You gotta see it to believe it, so do that. I think for the first outing he’s doing well in trying to capture the essence of that character and chances are it will be even larger than life on screen. Looking forward to see how things go. That was the episode for me.

Oh yeah, Michonne and Rick hooked up at the end and… let’s go to the highs/lows.


  • Tom Payne joins the cast as Paul “Jesus” Monroe and we get some lightness in the dreary world of the Walking Dead. I found it hilarious that although it’s badass Daryl and mean Rick Grimes, they can barely hold Jesus in one spot for a long time.
  • There’s this subplot with Enid and a well rested Carl. Carl needs an eyepatch for real. Is Carl on his way of becoming another kickass character? I dare say I think so. His idea that zombies should die at the hands of people who loved them in life makes… sense? In a weird way?
  • Oh yeah, Deanna appears as a zombie and has to be killed by Spencer. Here’s where I would like to hope Spencer doesn’t end up like another Nicholas, committing suicide when confronted with death and taking someone with him. So, if you’re going to built him up (odds are, to get him killed) let him die alone.
  • Michonne and Rick, the hookup. I don’t see these two turning into a couple – just two people looking for refuge in the midsts of Zombieland. Odds are they’ll keep it semi-secret.
  • Hey look, no Andersons! Literally nobody remembers them! Holy crap they were a regret.
  • Daryl does not reunite with his crossbow yet.

That will do for now.