Spoilers might fall on you.

(Photo: Gene Page/AMC)
(Photo: Gene Page/AMC)

You’re in for a lot of goodies in this week’s The Walking Dead 6×07: Heads Up. For the first time, that’s not something obscure someone says. It’s basically a warning for every single festering plot that has been cooking both inside and out of Alexandria. This episode was not action-packed, as a matter of fact it’s pretty mellow by Walking Dead standards. But if tension was a knocked arrow, this episode was a rapidfire crossbow getting loaded. No, sorry. Daryl is not getting his crossbow back yet. But we’re getting a few things ready to be let fly. And you probably can guess that I’m delaying all spoilers with this introduction because it shows up in certain places this blog is reposted.

First of all, we’re getting you back to that shocking scene where Glenn was knocked off the dumpster and Nicholas was getting gutted. The camera finally opens up to show us it was Nicholas who was getting torn apart after he offed himself. Glenn manages to crawl under the dumpster. Internet theorists can now rejoice. To survive, the ever resourceful Glenn has to kill the zombies trying to reach him which end up forming a barrier from the others until the morning comes and the herd has moved on. I’m not sure where in the timeline is this going on, but with the horn stopped I’m not sure what is the attraction that drives the majority to leave.

I think it’s a good move to have Glenn run into Enid. The sullen teenager does tries to shake him loose, but in the end Glenn at least convinces her to come with him. Oh, ok wait… First he does have to deal with Enid pulling a gun on him as he tries to take her back. No TV for the rest of your life, young lady. Still, Enid does bring up a great point. Why go back? Why get attached until the next disaster has you scampering away? Because, as Glenn observes, you honor the dead by living. They find balloons originally used for Rick’s plan which they intend to use to send a signal.

Back in Alexandria, things are busy. Rick is reinforcing the wall by himself until Tobin pitches in to help. “Don’t give up on us,” he tells him. But that’s not easy to do when Spencer decides to play Tom Cruise and cross the street using a line weakly supported by a grappling hook. It takes a joint effort of Rick, Tobin and Morgan to save him when his precarious escape route collapses. Tara bravely leans outside the wall with one hand and fires with other. Rick doesn’t appreciate the gesture and tells her not to risk her life for “one of them”. Rick is still keeping the distance between his group and the Alexandrians.

The one Alexandrian he should really keep an eye for is Ron, the son of Jesse and the man he killed. Ron now has both Rick and Carl teaching him how to shoot. They even give him an empty gun. This is one huge blindspot for both Grimes. Ron wastes no time in stealing bullets from the poorly guarded storeroom. Apparently he means to use the gun on Carl. Or at least it seems that way…

Morgan is lectured by Rick, Michonne and Carol. “Life is precious,” insists Morgan. As Michonne insists, that is not always the case. Morgan appears at the infirmary, but Dr. Denise can’t seem to get him to say what he needs. The second time, he asks about antibiotics and finally lets her know they’re not for him. As he leads Denise somewhere, Carol follows with Judith. After leaving Judith with Jesse (and telling Sam to come down, something that kid should eventually do) she tracks him down to a basement. She manages to unlock the key just as Morgan comes out. Carol wants to know who is Morgan holding in there. We don’t find that out yet.

Just when everyone is on their marks and getting set, a flurry of green balloons float outside the wall. Maggie runs down her tower yelling to Rick that it has to be Glenn. And as that happens, everyone’s attention is diverted to the sound of crunching wood as a watchtower outside the wall comes tumbling down… on top of the wall.


  • Glenn lives! And so does Enid, thank you for asking. I gotta say, Enid might have potential. She might learn a lot from Glenn, but I’d also like her to have a scene with Carol. Going back to Glenn, he’s still the moral compass that the group needs. And he totally deserve to be the main picture in this post except I have to keep spoilers away from all reposting. Also, Steven Yeun is back on the credits.
  • Not cool facing Morgan down with Carol AND Michonne. Overkill there, Rick. Also way to discriminate between “Us” and “Them”, Rickster. This does not bode well on the future.
  • Ron. What to do with Ron. I really have no clue. Is this kid about to revenge-kill Carl for his father’s death? Chances are it won’t happen with the last minute events. On the other hand, it might be the perfect cover. Carl better keep an eye out for this kid.
  • Father Gabriel trying to organize a prayer circle. Rick ripping off his signs. Gabriel gets no respect. That’s because he lost it all when he tried to turn Deanna against Rick’s group.
  • Rosita gets some great lines telling off Eugene for being a chickenshit.
  • Tara gets scolded by Rick. She hits him back with the one-finger salute. Well deserved. He apologizes later but come on, he’s still thinking the same thing.
  • Spencer Monroe literally had the same idea that Rick was discussing with Michonne. Get a car, drive the monsters away. But, he’s gone soft like most Alexandrians. So his failure is all in the execution – it’s not a bad idea but next time have someone whose name appears in the opening credits to do it.
  • Carol gets the best line in the episode to Sam: “Killing is what saves you from becoming a monster.” That is not a good line, and for the same reason is also totally a zombie-apocalypse-badass line.
  • The confrontation between Morgan and Carol will probably be postponed the moment the walkers start pouring in. Will Carol let it go, go back to Rick or just take matters in her own hands?
  • Any chances of Daryl and Sasha showing up at the last minute in the truck with Abraham on the roof readying an RPG for launch? I just want that scene to happen so much. Too much wishful thinking?

That will do for now.