Spoilers could be too much to handle.

(Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW)
(Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW)

We’re going out on a limb on the latest episode of The Flash 2×06: Enter Zoom. You can tell right from the start this is not a good plan. Not when it involves Barry fighting something that has been taken out other speedsters. He needs a plan. The only plan he has right now? Attract Zoom faking a confrontation with Dr. Light. The signal to bring Zoom is to rip out the Flash’s chest emblem and send it across one of the breaches. Except that Dr. Light manages to make herself invisible and fool Cisco into opening the cell, making her escape. She leaves her gear behind, which gives Barry an idea. An even riskier one.

Yeah, Linda Park is recruited to fill in for her doppelganger. Barry even reveals his identity to her. This has disaster written all over it. The plan only covers bringing Zoom out into the open. The rest of it, is getting Zoom distracted so that they can shoot a speed dampener devised by Wells. That’s going to be really close to impossible. After some funny, and by funny I mean sad, training montage the decoy “Dr. Light” is ready. Wait, that’s not it. I’m with Joe here, they’re going at this way too soon, way too campy, and extremely underprepared.

“Harry” Wells is hiding something, and Joe West thinks Cisco should try to get a “vibe” from their newest Earth-2 import. Not a bad thought, except that Wells is on to Cisco early on. Nevertheless, Cisco perseveres and in a clumsy but effective misshap, he sees Jessie. That’s Earth-2 Harrison Wells’ daughter, whom he calls Jessie “Quick”. Yeah that’s another name from the comics, we don’t know how much she’ll emulate her comic counterpart, so let’s not read too much into it yet.

When it comes down to it, the awkward talent show (painfully non-convincing) does not yield the expected results. Or so it seems. Wells is beside himself. As they all call it quits, Linda returns to the newspaper. I liked her little moment with Iris. They’re both participating in stories they can’t print. Then Zoom captures Linda and takes her away. One frantic call from Iris alerts Barry, but Zoom is not being coy about this one. He’s on the top of the bridge about to throw Gwen Stacy off! Wait, wrong comic. He’s on the top of the STAR Labs roof about to throw Linda Parks off.

The Flash carefully brings her down and asks her to find some cover as Zoom awaits. It’s a showdown, folks. Barry’s lightning punch is the first throw. Zoom literally grabs the lightning and hurls it back at the Flash. The fight ends up in a brutal beatdown. Zoom makes sure both the press and the police see a Flash beat to a bloody pulp in front of them as he returns back to STAR Labs. Then he unmasks Barry and proceeds to drive his hand into his stomach. Harrison fires the dampener and misses. Zoom is about ready to monolog as he gets shot by Cisco. It’s a direct shot, and Zoom can only run away.

Barry has been seriously hurt. Joe is ready to administer another beating to Wells. Cisco tells Harrison and the gang that he saw Jesse and though she’s a prisoner of Zoom, she is still alive. Wells confesses she’s his daughter and contrary to what Joe thinks, he was not trading Barry’s life for hers. He insists his only recourse is to defeat and capture Zoom.

Barry finally wakes up. He can’t feel his legs. Trouble. Good, but quite predictable episode.


  •  I’m willing to give Harrison Wells-2 the benefit of the doubt. He will do anything for his daughter, but I believe him when he says there is no negotiating with Zoom. Still, try to come up with some better planning next time, dude. The other guy seemed better at this and he was a bad guy.
  • Zoom himself is a monster of sorts. His mask seems to open at his mouth – barely. It reminds me of Batman’s enemy Scarecrow (or that scene from the Matrix where Neo gets his mouth shut by the Agents).
  • News item from Earth-2, Robert Queen is discovered to be the Hood on Starlight City-2. Guess Olivier is dead on that reality.
  • Patty Spivot is the only person from the main cast who does not know who the Flash is. Joe should really bring her into the fold. Barry should bring her into the fold. I don’t think this is going to end well otherwise. Come on, I like Patty!
  • Wait, so we’re going to forget about the real Dr. Light? Shouldn’t they track her down?
  • The conversation between Iris and Linda was refreshing. I love that they actually considered taking a spinning class.
  • So Wells’ plans failed. Can we call Jay again and combine forces? Can Jay and Harrison leave their egos out of this? Let’s get the best possible team effort to defeat this thing.

That will do for now.