(Source: POP Films)
(Source: POP Films)

Time travel movies are a curious breed. For the most part, people either love them or hate them. That being said, I only love the good ones.

Director Jacob Gentry brings us the intricately made film Synchronicity. Back in Fantasia 2007, he was one of the directors for the amazing movie The Signal and I’m glad he’s come back to his element. I’m going to say right away I love time travel and I love this film, but I can’t quite go beyond the premise because spoiling it would be such a waste.

The original premise is basically the actual making of a time machine. If you’re about to break ground that has never been broken before, you always theorize about what would happen. The movie explores many of them, but it’s the theory of parallel dimensions that makes this film a little more grownup than usual time-continuum theory.

Jim Beale (Chad McKnight) has a theory about time travel. Unfortunately his small team of scientists is only able to open one wormhole at a time. The questions they are already pondering are, if they are about to achieve time travel and they are successful, isn’t it possible something will already travel its way back? To add gas to the open flame, multimillionaire Klaus Meisner (Michael Ironside) wants to own his machine and he has an odd first encounter with mystery woman Abby (Brianne Davis), who seems to come from nowhere. As if things couldn’t get weirder, his colleagues and best friends Chuck (A. J. Bowen) and slightly off-centered but brilliant Matty (Scott Poythress) are either trying to warn him or just hiding something.

You gotta love mind-bender puzzles like this one in film… Or you probably want to skip this one altogether if it gives you a searing migraine, but this does have some really clever twists. Like I often said, the better the film the less I’d rather say about it.

Strongly recommended. Unless you can’t stand time travel in movies. However it does make for such a good film that I’d say give it a chance sometime. Don’t worry about it, the time-space continuum will not break. Well, I don’t know for sure. It’s just a theory that I have.

That will do for now.

(Sources: Fantasia International Film Festival)