(Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW)
(Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW)

You bet your ass there are spoilers.

Correction from last week: It’s Mayor Castle getting an arrow to the heart, not the district attorney.

The League closes in and then lets the sparks fly in Arrow 3×18: Public Enemy. You have to give it to Ra’s Al Ghul. He’s had the League make things intolerable between Oliver and the Starling City PD. Now, he gets to stand back and watch the fireworks.

First of all, Ray Palmer protected Felicity from the arrow that was left on flight from last week. Now he’s in critical condition after said arrow got very close to his heart. A blood clot has formed and he’ll either die or suffer brain damage if they attempt surgery. Felicity has to deal this alone. Actually, even worse, she has to deal with it with her mother Donna, who has the worst timing in the world. Her idea of solace is telling her daughter that she at least has a boyfriend. There’s a possible solution using Ray’s nanotech but the hospital won’t approve an experimental cure.

On the flashback story, the girl on the market is not Shado, but her twin sister May. She’s eager to know about her sister’s fate, so she helps Oliver and the kid. She discovers Oliver has the same tattoo that her sister and decides to call the police. Agents of ARGUS intercept the call and shoot up the place. Oliver fights them but just as he’s about to get shot, Maseo and Tatsu arrive.

Oliver enlists the help of Nyssa to track down the League’s local hideout. She collaborates to a point, but doesn’t join the call to hunt them down. Arrow, Arsenal and Canary infiltrate the building to find resistance and eventually face Ra’s. He tells Oliver he’ll either ascend to become him or spend his life in a cage. As it turns out, he doesn’t mean in one of his cages. The Police are closing in. The League disappears and the team barely manages to escape.

Ra’s Al Ghul plays one final card by kidnapping Captain Lance and arming him with one critical piece of knowledge. Lance now knows that Oliver Queen is the Arrow and all but tells Laurel when he comes back. He then shares this reveal in a TV broadcast.

In the hospital, Felicity saves Ray’s life by injecting him with nanotech. But as they confirm the miraculous recovery, Felicity also discovers she doesn’t love Ray Palmer. Drama escalates!

Oliver decides he only has one solution left. Without consulting the team, he marches into the police station and turns himself in. In exchange, he wants his collaborators to go free. This doesn’t sit well with any of them. You can see Felicity about to break down and Diggle trying to come up with a plan, but the person that you’re likely to miss here is Roy. Roy and Thea have rekindled their relationship, with Roy telling her how he feels he should pay for his crime (he killed a police officer under the influence of the Mirakuru drug).

Back in the past, Oliver leaves May with the knowledge that her sister and her father are dead and receives the lesson about truth being a powerful thing.

In the present, he’s being hauled off to prison in an armored car when the Arrow intervenes. It’s Roy, prepared to take the fall for Oliver. This is so not going to work, but still… Bravo to Roy for trying!


  • Roy Harper is the silent hero here, as he realizes he’s almost relieved to be captured when he runs. He tells so to Thea, slowly setting himself up to be the hero to take the fall at the end of the episode.
  • Oliver is ready to take all the rap for what the League has framed him to do in exchange for saving his friends. Logically, it seems like the only solution.
  • When Oliver’s identity was revealed, I half-expected The Flash to show up, turn back time, and warn Oliver of what was about to happen.
  • Ra’s Al Ghul letting the city take care of his problem is a stroke of genius. Team Arrow can’t really shoot at the Police… Well, Roy has to do that a few times to get them off his back, but you know what I mean.


  • Donna again? Really? Sorry, I guess she does help Felicity somewhat.
  • As much as it is admirable for Roy to sacrifice himself, Quentin Lance already knows he’s Arsenal. Remember Series Issues: Arrow 3×12 – Uprising where Lance sees him and figures it out? (“Are you guys picking out names of a bucket now?”). So there is no chance he does.
  • I guess we needed a Ray and Felicity story to make her realize she doesn’t love Ray, but the whole nanotech vs blood clot is a bit lame. Unless this is going to go somewhere, like it’s going to lead to his powers of reduction.

That will do for now.

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