Very light on spoilers.

(Source: Marvel)
(Source: Marvel)

Once Marvel took over Star Wars it was just a matter of time until Dark Horse Digital would lose the Star Wars comic license. That means from now on, everything Star Wars goes to Marvel and Comixology receives an onslaught of the Star Wars comics franchise cache. It also means new comics. Darth Vader is already out there, and I might eventually get to that one but this week it’s Princess Leia‘s turn. Finally. Because we’ve had Darth Vader comics before, but the last member of the Alderaan Royalty has been denied until now.

The comic picks up exactly after the closing scene of A New Hope. Leia is facing a bit of a backlash from people who consider her too cold, while her own allies think she should lay low for a while since the Empire has put a considerable bounty on her head. It’s nice to see Leia interacting with known figures such as Admiral Ackbar and General Dodonna, but it was also refreshing to see her interact with Evaan. Evaan is the new character, a rebel pilot from Alderaan that has joined the rebellion. She’s not an admirer of Leia’s demeanor and thinks the royal is too cold about the passing of their world.

Doesn’t take a lot of time for Leia to realize some of the criticism has a solid base and decides to go search for other survivors of Alderaan. Yes, this is something that we completely see the character doing as well as enlisting Evaan to help with the task. How that goes I will let you find out by yourself.

Heavily recommended.

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If you think Saga was done with WTF moments, think again. Here’s Saga #26.

Dengo is still keeping Alana, Klara and Hazel hostages and in this issue they are introduced to his fellow conspirators from the Last Revolution – which Dengo has never met in person before either. The more Alana gets to know Dengo, the more it seems he’s more naive that he lets on, and the more he seems inclined to sympathize with Alana’s plight. The incoming group is leaded by Captain Guain. His reaction to who the fugitives are will make Dengo think twice of his decision to hand them over.

On the other side of the galaxy, Marko is still allied with Prince Robot IV, dragging along Yuma and Ghus. It’s an uneasy alliance as IV has become a more brutal, but at the same time, more interesting character. Although it seems Marko and IV are at each other’s throats, Marko is not necessarily friendlier with Yuma either, as he learns she has managed to get some Fadeaway from a robbery incident that Marko foiled.

Finally, we get Gwendolyn, the Brand and Sophie fighting large lizard monsters as their quest to save The Will continues. Not my favorite time to jump in. It’s not bad, it’s just a bit overwhelming how quick the cast of characters is growing and I constantly needed to look up the names. Hell of way to end the comic as well. Only recommended if you’re already following Saga.

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If you were to read Black Science #12 you’d think a hundred issues had already gone by. Things happen very fast in a comic involving inter-dimensional travel. We’ve already learned that Grant has rejoined them, but is he the “real” one? A little backstory is in order, but don’t worry, it won’t go beyond this comic. Other-Sara wants Rebecca to pay for the death of Other-Grant and claims she’s had an agenda from the beginning.

Other-Sara runs with Pia going after her. This won’t be a good thing. Grant and Shawn are on pursuit. Pia will be confronted by a new character who recognizes the onion logo on her dimensionaut uniform and attempts to kill her. Meanwhile Shawn improvises a device to track them down but he ends up leading Grant to a strange place that has pictures of them from yet another dimension. It’s more of a tease, because for the explanation we’ll have to wait for the next issue.

Recommended as I did feel the pace quickening here. We don’t know everything. Actually, one of the things that you have to do with this comic is accept that you know nothing. If you want to understand everything then this is the opposite of the comic you want.

That will do for now.

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