(Source: FOX Networks)
(Source: FOX Networks)

Beware thy spoilers.

It’s been a long time but it’s finally time for Sleepy Hollow 2×01: This Is War. Ichabod Crane and Abby Mills are still lamenting the deaths of Katrina and Jenny and… Wait, back the hell up. Whut. The start of the episode is basically a mind game for the dynamic witness duo and the long time viewers. John Noble’s Henry Parish gets a little Hannibal Lecter-ish before the gig is up and we recall the ending from the last season.

Anybody else expecting that it was all going to be a dream within a dream at any moment after this reveal?

Fortunately it’s not, and although we get a lot of exposition – too much exposition if you recall that Benjamin Franklin scene – that explains there’s a key that can open Purgatory without having to comply with the rule of one soul leaves, one soul stays. Finding out where it is depends on what Ichabod knows about Franklin, which as it happens barely gives him an edge as Horseman of War / Parish has Jenny and is hot on the trail.

We also get the creepiest scenes ever as Katrina is dealing with the Headless Horseman. The Horseman even regains his head in a ghostly fashion after putting a pendant on Katrina. Since it glows, we can only assume that it’s casting a spell on her so she can see him. I kind of think that giving the Horseman of Death an identity (Abraham Van Brunt, former friend to Ichabod and once betrothed to Katrina) weakens the character’s mystique. I still believe that not knowing who it is would keep him threatening.

Anyhow… We get one more cameo from John Cho as Andy in Purgatory. I like John Cho’s work but I really don’t care for the Andy character one bit. Hopefully it’s the last time he appears.

Meanwhile Jenny remains one of my favorite characters as she manages to free herself and dispose of the Hessian that guards her. By the time that Ichabod uses powder to escape from his coffin (not kidding) and drive an ambulance into the lair, Jenny is already returning fire against Parish’s other minions. It’s actually Jenny’s time to rescue Ichabod as he’s unable to put a car in reverse. Go Jenny!

Eventually the key is found, Ichabod finds Abigail and the day is saved but a bigger threat is revealed when Moloch offers Henry Parish his own armored golem complete with fiery sword to command. Quite a promotion after failing at his task.


  • Jenny Mills can take care of herself, rescue herself and kick some ass.
  • Henry Parish makes for a very sinister mastermind, but to make him the Horseman of War would also imply a physical threat. Now that he controls the golem-in-shining-armor he’s more fitting.
  • Ichabod Crane needs to bring back that crossbow. That thing was badass, even if it was all an illusion. Then again, it might draw Daryl Dixon comparisons.


  • I still forget Henry Parish is not Walter Bishop sometimes. He needs some sort of a different getup to accentuate that, because they both seem to shop at the same clothing stores.
  • Abigail needs to start taking notes from Jenny. Not that Abigail is a pushover, but it feels Ichabod is taking lead too often… Ok, ok, it’s the first episode. I’m nitpicking.
  • So, is it Gotham or Sleepy Hollow? Can I track both series at once?

That will do for now.

(Source: FOX Networks)