(Source: FOX Networks)
(Source: FOX Networks)

Mild spoilers are included.

I’ve often mention Gotham City as my favorite character from the Batman comics. It’s also the most difficult character to portray. For the FOX Network TV series, Gotham, this is a most serious commitment and one that will surely take more than a season to appreciate in full.

The first episode did make sure to cross out a few checkboxes from the DC Comics list. We get to see a glimpse of Selina (Camren Bicondova) aka Catwoman as a young kid already running across rooftops and stealing milk and wallets. We’re introduced to Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) as a young detective partnering with the less than honest Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue).

Of course. their first major case is none other than the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne. The scene is the quite iconic Crime Alley apparent burglary, except that there’s not the slightest doubt that the thief just decides to kill Thomas and Martha. Yes, there’s more than meets the eye. Also, we get a young Selina witnessing the murder. Young Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) seems to fit the bill so far.

We’ve got Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) working in Forensics at the Gotham PD, but he’s a bit too old. Chances are it’s the Riddler’s father? Jada Pinkett Smith plays Fish Mooney with a young Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) as her apprentice henchman. When a suspect finally appears, we’re even introduced to his young daughter Ivy (Clare Foley). If that was not clear enough, we next see her cradling a plant.

So, what was missing…? Well, there is a plot. It feels like a police procedural where all the minor players are played by big league DC Comic characters, but with all the introductions and the hammering at character’s early quirks it does feel a little close to a ride on rails at Disney World. Then again, still enjoyable. We can’t go off the tracks yet.

Gordon… yes, it seems a little dull at first but there’s potential. Oswald does probably the best adaptation. I also could tell who was Carmine Falcone the moment he shows up (John Doman) before his name is ever mentioned. I could also say the same from Renee Montoya (Victoria Cartagena) and Crispus Allen (Andrew Stewart Jones).

This was basically the roll call before we start. It’s colorful in a noir kind of way, it’s still in construction, we’ll have to wait to see what happens.


  • Carmine Falcone.
  • Renee Montoya (Victoria Cartagena) and Crispus Allen (Andrew Stewart Jones).
  • Oswald Cobblepot.
  • Although some early reviews called him dull, Jim Gordon. Yes, he needs some depth.
  • It’s too early to say anything about Bruce Wayne. However, there was nothing wrong with him yet. Don’t expect him to start building a batarang just yet. It’s good to take it easy. Still, the fact that he seems to be working out some issues was promising.


  • Jada Pinkett Smith seems to be playing Jada Pinkett Smith. I wanted to like her but she felt too much like she was playing a cameo. She needs more than just a highlight on her hair to convince me she’s actually playing a role.
  • Harvey Bullock didn’t work out that well for me. Perhaps because Donal Logue has done a little too much comedy for me to take him seriously. Then again it doesn’t have to be the Bullock from the comics.
  • I really want to like Alfred Pennyworth (Sean Pertwee) but he’s yet to do anything remarkable yet.
  • Selina Kyle doesn’t say a word.
  • I might have to choose between Gotham and Sleepy Hollow.

That will do for now.

(Source: FOX Networks)