Comics Review: Batwoman #32, Batman Eternal #11, Red Sonja #10, Red Hood #32 & Fevre Dream

(Source: DC)

(Source: DC)

Spoilers, rantings and ravings will be included.

It’s Batwoman #32 and hopefully we’re on to better stories. It’s nice to see the character regaining its footing. I was scared that Gail Simone leaving would be the death of Kate Kane, but she’s still the strong and willful individual. Her enemies have been… well, a bit second-tier. I wouldn’t mind seeing some crossovers with Batgirl.

Kate is going against what might be an actual vampire villain. With other characters thrown into the mix it could get very complicated. She’s also dealing with a love interest from her past re-surfacing again. I know a conflicted heroine is much more interesting that a light-hearted one, but I really hope Kate catches a break soon. Having Maggie Sawyer away dealing with custodial issues doesn’t really cut Batwoman some slack. She is going to be distracted and that makes her vulnerable.

Recommended with reservations. The character is still the same, and hopefully the threats to both her day and nighttime identities are handled carefully. There seems to be too much into the mix, so this could turn messy good or messy bad. The critical issue is to make it interesting to watch as it all unravels. Hopefully Kate is a much stronger character because of it all. I wouldn’t wish so much strife on anybody.

(Source: DC)

(Source: DC)

Batman Eternal #11 brings about the worst possible art in its run and a non-story. I can’t quite describe the art as cartoonish because that would look better than this. With the all the characters thrown in from Batman, Inc this doesn’t feel like I’m reading the same comic since it started. Red Hood and the Outlaws make an appearance and I hate to see them used this way. Also someone felt they had to give El Gaucho two women fawning over him for no reason. I don’t mind the Latin stereotypes (I’m Latin, I’m used to them) but they just make this issue that already looks silly also sound stupid.

Jim Gordon does not appear in this issue. We don’t see a courtroom on this issue. That doesn’t happen at all. This is a throwaway issue, and I really want to cut several numbers of this book series between an impressive start and complete let down after just a couple of issues. Get on track people.

Not recommended to the point of dropping it. We’re finally going back to the trial and hopefully we’re done with filler issues. Those might be someone’s cup of tea, but they’ve all but felt vacuous, empty and an insult to Batgirl as far as I’m concerned. I’ve been shying away from negative reviews but someone has to say it. This series is not living up to its buzz. If it’s working for you, great. I’ll wait and see if the trial finally grounds the series back to its first issues.

(Source: Dynamite)

(Source: Dynamite)

I’m enjoying the hell out of Gail Simone’s digital exclusive run of Red Sonja and this continues on Red Sonja #10. You just have to forget the cover. I guess someone thinks that the scale bikini armor sells the comic but it’s the writing that is really keeping me subscribed here. The art is fitting both in style and quality.

Sonya has been collecting the best of the best, and this time she picks a swordmaster name Osric that she must first best in combat. The fact that the comic starts with her losing a duel already tell us there’s more than meets the eye here but it’s not about tricks this time. I must say Aneva keeps winning points and becoming a much greater character that anybody has anticipated throughout this comic.

Recommended because it’s hands down one of the best comic books I read right now. Forget the unfairly sexy covers though. Sonja is a better character and the story is more vivid, but we already know that her goal to free all those slaves will not come from the fairness of a ruler that already plans deceit. It’s not going to be a surprise and Sonja should start planning right now for the moment she’s betrayed. Although leave it to Sonja to improvise and come out on top.

(Source: DC)

(Source: DC)

I guess I have to review Red Hood and the Outlaws #32 because I still love this trio despite controversies and unneeded crossovers. I know they’re getting ready for another crossover and I just want them left alone. Also, another comic book in which you have to ignore the covers. What’s with the sports-car-Miami-Vice-vibe shot? Things start looking up once you go inside the pages.

I will admit this book the perfect guilty pleasure. Jason has no respect at all for usual heroic shenanigans and he’s got this fourth wall kind of deal in which he can literally make a villain go blah blah instead of the usual megalomaniac monologue. Neither Jason nor Roy have any problems throwing one of the bad guys off the plane. Kori is also a bad ass as she literally kicks a nuke. Yes, Starfire’s suit still needs more fabric (at least she’s got straps now). Her behavior will still rise some eyebrows. Notice how Roy’s arrows get messed up as Kori kisses him. She’s far from a role model yet as she thinks Jason is lonely so to reassure him, he gives him a kiss too. Then they’re all captured by SHADE to help them identify a UFO.

This is one that I’d say I would recommend but it’s not everyone’s preference. It can be careless at times which is fine if you’re an adult and not so much for the younger crowd (It’s +12 but +17 might be more accurate). Kori’s heart is in the right place but dammit Starfire! We’re trying to convince readers and critics you’re more than hormones here. Not that anything else happens but I know this comic once draw a lot of ire for blatantly turning Kori into a sex bunny and the cover isn’t helping. However by the end of this issue, Starfire will have face something that will put the fear in her like a nuclear missile never could.

(Source: Avatar)

(Source: Avatar)

It’s vampires and steamboats on the Bayou in George R. R. Martin’s Fevre Dream. For a limited time, the 10 issue series is on sale as a bundle in Comixology. It’s an adaptation of his novel, but having not read the book I can only comment on the comic. The art has its bright moments and other times where the lack of scenery or character detail makes me think of a webcomic. I do want to see richer detail on the steamboats specially when imagery somewhat plain follows lavish description.

Most often, book readers unfairly compare an adaptation to their imagination of the book. Nowadays I actually appreciate both book and visual media as what they are, two different experiences. That being said, I will say the comic does bring about an intriguing story but needs richer visuals in comic book form.

Could be greater, and sometimes it is. I’d strongly say go for the 49% discounted bundle if you’re curious. It’s a good read, but two issues in and the art is not catching up with the plot. I’m thinking about getting the book. The period piece does not shy away from nudity, slavery and gore, although the gore is seriously on the lighter side. I’d expect at least the slash scenes to feel a little less campy.

That will do for now.

Coming up!

(Sources: Comixology)

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