Comics Review: Original Sin, The Sixth Gun #41, Shutter

Spoilers ahead, yada yada. I love Comixology’s subscriptions because once I find that elusive comic that I enjoy every issue, it’s the best way to never lose it. I also kind of hate it because it makes it really obvious when I just don’t like it anymore and I have to deactivate it.

(Source: Marvel)

(Source: Marvel)

I decided to jump into Marvel’s Original Sin because aside from Ms. Marvel, I may have deactivated all my other Marvel subscriptions for the moment. I like self-contained arcs, but with the entire Marvel cast included for this arc that’s a tall order. That being said, I haven’t gotten lost yet. The book is doing a great work of bringing us a new storyline without requiring much of a backstory for casual readers.

It’s kind of a murder mystery. The Watcher gets murdered and his base on the moon gets sacked. Nick Fury and Captain America are on the case, but another puppetmaster is organizing his/her own team of heroes to get to the answer as well.

Recommended with reservations. The book is currently on its third out of eight issues, but I’d recommend you start with the introduction from issue #0. Currently we got some crazy shit happening and a cliffhanger. The reservations are because I can’t help Marvel is going to undo some of this with some outlandish explanation.

(Source: IDW)

(Source: IDW)

I just want to say thanks for IDW Publishing’s The Sixth Gun, I still can count myself as a comic book fan. It’s one of the few subscriptions that never disappoints me. The Sixth Gun #41 brings us the backstory of the Grey Witch, Griselda, and the reason why the Six exist. Yeah, we get to meet the big baddie behind it all.

In case you never have heard of it, the Sixth Gun is a western supernatural thriller. That’s as close as I can get to describing it in a sentence. Six cursed guns, each one with a supernatural skill. It’s not a superhero comic. It’s more of a witchcraft ghost story with a lot of gunfire. Ok, that might be a better one-sentence description.

Highly recommended series, but this is issue is not the best one to make the jump into. Honestly, start from the first issue or get the collected editions. I get both. I only do that with books that I love. I plan on getting hardcovers or at least the TPB soon enough. This is one I don’t mind re-reading from the start every once in a while.

(Source: Image)

(Source: Image)

I’m not sure why I didn’t discover Image’s Shutter until now. For me I had to go through a string of bad comics until I decided to try out something new. The comic’s premise is a comparison to Indiana Jones which is not a fair comparison. This is one of those stories completely out there (robots, ghost ninjas, lion gansters) that reminds me in more ways than one to Black Science. Rick Remender writes Science while Shutter is Joe Keating’s creation. That being said, I love both for different reasons.

The world of Shutter is very much a mix from multiverses. Kate Cristopher is a renowned adventurer that is done with adventure. Adventure may not be done with her, and danger seems to be lurking from her past. In this mixed universe we get anything and everything as someone’s gunning for her forcing Kate to abandon her sedentary life. It’s a guilty pleasure when you can read this from the comfort of your tablet and imagine yourself taking the same decision. It’s a bit inspiring to boot, so another reason to read it.

That will do for now.

(Sources: Comixology)

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