Comics Review: Saga #19, Rocketgirl #5, Ghosted #10 and the Gates of Gotham Collected Edition

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Might contain spoilers.

Saga #19 starts a new story arc as Alana and Marko are trying to live normal lives with their young daughter Hazel. Still with them are Klara and teenage horror Izabel.

Alana has seeked out employment acting in a play. She calls out a heckler and almost gets herself fired. Marko has taken Hazel out to play and as he gets approached by a stranger he’s quickly reminded of their fugitive status. We know nothing of The Will, Gwendolyn, Sophie or Lying Cat. Is it possible that Wreath is sending more hunting parties after Alana and Marko?

Recommended. The last scene is not a cliffhanger but the tease is in the narration that comes from a future Hazel reminiscing. I’m not spoiling it here, go read the book.

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Rocketgirl #5 is another Image title that is bound to become a classic as it ends its first arc with more questions than answers. The comic is good overall but the pace is really slow – not in the comic, but in the issue delivery time. The first three issues came out once a month. But after #3 came out in December 2013, we didn’t get #4 until March 2014. Now we get #5 in May. This hurts the comic because readers easily forget something that’s not there. I’m not expecting it to drop every week or every two weeks, but a month is a risk and several months seems like suicide. It’s like a TV show in a bad time slot. You don’t know when it’s coming out and you forget to look for it.

Recommended with reservations. The issue itself is the first story arc’s finale. It’s a  bit anti-climatic. We do get a nice shocker for the police officers that have been chasing Rocketgirl. Some bystanders decide to stand up for DaYoung and hide her from the police because it’s New York and everyone loves Spider-Man and the Ghostbusters. We’ll have to see how everything turns out when the next comic appears… in September.

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And we’re going with yet another Image comic this week with Ghosted #10. In what is becoming more and more of a pattern, Jackson once more goes for the desperate flying-by-the-seat-of-his-pants approach. It’s like the Han Solo approach to solving a threat, Jackson literally steps into danger.

But somehow he survives mostly unscathed. He will lose a lot this issue, and I don’t want to spoil that but the finale is one that sooner or later would have happened given his life choices.

Recommended. I really can’t think of someone who doesn’t like a good horror and crime story, but avoid if you’re not into gore or are just looking for superheroes. Really hoping to see what this comic brings for the next story arc.

(Source: DC)

(Source: DC)

And finally, we switch over to DC although this already came out in digital form last week. Gates of Gotham is a trade paperback collection of the original book and it’s gorgeous. With Scott Snyder at the helm, the comic explores the rich history of Gotham City and its many famous names. One thing that I haven’t seen in any description: It’s Dick Grayson under the cowl. This happens after Batman-Bruce gets killed by the Omega beams and before he makes his return.

With appearances from Alan Wayne, Edward Elliott and Theodore Cobblepot from turn of the century Gotham, we learn a lot of the history, the architecture and the famous bridges that add a lot more depth to the famous citadel. References are made to the original city architect Cyrus Pinkney commissioned by Judge Solomon Wayne for the overall design of the city. Cameron Kane also appears in flashback for the first time. Hints are given about the existance of the Court of Owls.

Heavily recommended and one of my favorite comic books. This is world building at its finest with my favorite character, Gotham City itself, in the starring role. The comic itself was a New York Times bestseller.

Random Rant: The Forever Evil series is over. The finale was too disappointing. This comic turned into a Lex Luthor and Batman book. The rest of the Justice League do nothing but wait to be rescued. It’s a Justice League adventure without the Justice League. I really wish I’d steer clear of it.

That will do for now.

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