Comics Review: Comixology app, Black Science #6, Batwoman Annual #1, Batman Eternal #4 & All-New X-Men #26

(Source: Comixology)

(Source: Comixology)

Spoilers will be unleashed.

The new Comixology App was released on April 26 on iTunes. After the deal with Amazon we expected changes were going to come through the pipe. Hopefully you anticipated this one: the Comixology App does not have an online store feature anymore. It was a bit of an expected change since being acquired by Amazon since their own Kindle App also lost its built-in online shopping feature.

The only purchase point for iPad/iPhone users is now I’ve always used the website since I prefer the shopping cart. Nowadays though, I’ve become a fan of the Comixology subscription system that automatically charges you when there’s a new issue and just download when the new issues show up. I don’t like losing features due to brand rivalry, but we still can buy and download comics so this is a mild inconvenience at its worst.

(Source: Image)

(Source: Image)

It’s hard to just jump into Black Science #6. You have to begin from the first number where the action starts and you are already behind. It’s a story in progress that now resumes its frantic and awesome pace. However, it is nearly impossible to jump off once you start getting into it.

Grant has finally confronted Kadir and now the fight between them is on. The civilization they have stumbled on is populated by simians apparently guarding their young, but as it turns out the nursery is there to use the infants as vessels for something more threatening. Chandra goes after the dueling Dimensionauts. Pia is restrained by Rebecca, but after the revelations from the last issue, the girl is not holding back and lets the woman know how much she really resents her.

Highly recommended. The finale is another surprise. If you’re really into flawed characters and crazy but well defined world-building this is one comic you won’t want to miss. If you prefer things crystal clear, fully explained and clean cut characters, it won’t be your cup of tea.

(Source: DC)

(Source: DC)

Batman Eternal #4 teases us with a confrontation between Batman and Batgirl. Yes, there is one but it’s not the center of the book. Barbara is not taking it well and she shouldn’t. James Gordon has been sent to Blackgate Penitentiary to await his trial. He will not be received well.

Batgirl is on the hunt for the truth. Bats thinks she’s using excessive force, but as Barb fiercely points out who is he to judge? Yes, they do have a confrontation but it’s short and it hasn’t really even started yet. In this New 52’s universe they both know each other identities too. There will not be a song and dance around that.

Bruce tries to stop Barbara but she’s already on the hunt for someone she’s perceived as her target. One person who actually was at the station without taking a train until disaster happened. The fact that she adamantly declares him guilty of being involved in the framing of the Commissioner ticks off Bruce, but whether she’s on to something only time will tell.

Recommended with reservations. This issue changes the previous look of the book and I’m still getting used to it.

(Source: Marvel)

(Source: Marvel)

All-New X-Men #26 starts with a strange encounter between present older Scott Summers and past Jean Grey. It’s creepy in a lot more ways than one and Kitty Pryde is right in declaring the last time Scott should be allowed to talk to her alone. The young version of Scott is still missing after having run off with his father.

Laura aka X-23 is leaving the X-Men. Warren tries to convince her to tell him why but she brushes him off. Laura then runs into who appears to be young Cyclops but it’s a ruse. She comes back wounded. Something else is out there and it’s coming for the young X-Men. The teaser for this book already tells us it’s the Brotherhood of the Future. We only see them from the back as they approach the secret base.

Recommended with reservations. Despite the teasing cover and the description, this comic doesn’t have an all out battle of any sort and it’s just a setup for the next issue.

(Source: DC)

(Source: DC)

Batwoman Annual #1 picks up right where Batwoman #24 left off. I’m not completely satisfied with the result. Yes, it is Batman. He’s got the upper hand in resources and experience. I still wanted Kate to hold her own in her own comic, or at least concede with more dignity.

But eventually it’s “an idea from Batman” who apparently was able to escape any time he wanted. I found it a bit patronizing. The secret behind D.E.O’s director Bones is unraveled, and Batman calls the troops as the entire Bat-Family makes a background appearance. Yes, it is is a big finale but the ending is major cheese.

Recommended with reservations. I expect Kate to carry on a strained relationship with Bats like the one Bruce and Jason Todd have. It may be dysfunctional but it’s true to the character. It’s not a total loss and we do get more or less a resolution to the whole Bones debacle.

That will do for now.

(Source: Comixology)


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